Everyone loves a good movie, but some are a bit more passionate than others. True fanatics will travel to the ends of the Earth just to see the locations of their favorite films or the homes of famous actors. For those that are totally wild about blockbusters and cult classics, this list is for you. Read on to see the best movie tours around the world.

Lord of the Rings - New Zealand

New Zealand is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit and the trip to Middle Earth is a magical land where sheep outnumber humans. The setting for one of the biggest blockbusters of all time, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, you can tour Hobbiton on the North Island to experience scenes from Minas Tirith, Isengard, Edoras, and many others come to life. Peter Jackson has meticulously landscaped the garden set that contains 37 hobbit holes to explore along with the Shires and Green Dragon for a frothy brew. Even if you haven't seen the flicks, Hobbiton is a gorgeous place to spend the day.

Photo Credit: Richard Burger

On Location - New York

It’s nearly impossible to count the number of movies and TV shows shot on the streets of New York. Breakfast at Tiffany's, When Harry Met Sally, and Ghostbusters are just a few that have taken to the lively streets of the Big Apple, while SNL, The Today Show, Sex and the City, Friends, Will and Grace, and plenty more were set here. The Sopranos sites are just a hop over the New Jersey border where you can sit at the Bada Bing bar and witness where a shooting took place. All of these spots have their own personal tour, but if you want to cram as much as possible into your big city visit, you can catch the highlights on a massive On Location tour.

Photo Credit: Nic

Studio Tours - Los Angeles

With Hollywood right out the back door, it should come as a no-brainer that LA boasts some of the best star tours. You can tour the studios of Paramount (the most historical of the tours), Sony (ideal for the classic movie buff), Warner Brothers (best for TV fans), and Universal Studios (paired with a theme park experience) to see sound stages, sets and special effects, or track down where your favorite celebrities live on a star map.

Photo Credit: Craig Duffy

Chicago Film Tour - Chicago

Used to being in the spotlight, the Windy City skyline has been the setting for a number of movies that include the Dark Knight, the Blues Brothers, The Untouchables, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Transformers 3 to name a few. Hop on the Chicago Film Tour to see 80 different locations spanning over 30 miles in just two hours.

Photo Credit: Amy Felce

James Bond Tour - London

Any Bond fans out there? Say “Ello” to London and secret agent life at many of the shooting locations and even his home. Brit Movie Tours include props and settings from sites linked with author Ian Fleming and 007 in Skyfall and SPECTRE. You'll get an insight into the secret world of spies and learn fun trivia about the actors and espionage.