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Czechs take the idea of relaxing with a cold one to a whole new level. Called the Beer Wellness Land, at Chodovar, a large brewery in the Czech Republic, your tour includes a 20-minute dip in a hot beer bath.

What exactly is in a hot beer bath, you might ask? Well, beer, obviously, plus mineral water, barley and hops from the fermentation process. Each bath is big enough for two adults, and has adjoining taps to enjoy unlimited pours in the 20-minutes.

But don’t think you just soak and rinse off. Oh, no. In order to get the “full effects” of the beer bath, showering for 24-hours is discouraged. Hopefully your travel partners like the smell of hops. Alcohol's an aphrodisiac, right?

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As for the scientific benefits, some doctors believe that beer baths relieve muscle tension, help your immune system and stimulate the circulatory system. There are even doctors who claim the brews are great for opening your pores and drawing out toxins. The yeast is supposably great for purifying and renewing skin elasticity. I mean, we already love beer so this is just making our case stronger.

Photo via Ladislav Renner

Bonus: the brewery is located near the pristine Slavkov Forest, a beautiful area next to the Ohri River with a gorgeous castle that looks like something straight out of Cinderella. Known for its hiking trails and breathtaking nature, tip one back, take a soak, and explore the enchanted forest.

Photo via Ladislav Renner

The starter beer bath for two costs roughly $50 USD, with optional upgrades that include reflexology foot massages, warm wraps and hot stone massages. Basically, it's a must do if you're in the area. Cheers!