The Safe House restaurant in Milwaukee takes it's job very seriously - going as far as to have an International Exports, Ltd. signs as a front to disguise itself from the passerby's on North Water Street. But the Safe House doesn't stay hidden very well with the constant press and celebrity sightings.

"Safe House" by Thomas Hawk via Flickr Creative Commons

It wants to stay off-the-map. But it is actually one of the most famous restaurants in the city for its quirkiness. The CIA glossary of intelligence trade idioms defines a safe house as a seemingly innocent house or premise established by an intelligence organization for conducting clandestine activities in relative security. If that wasn't clear enough for you, a "safe house" is a secure location for spies and secret agents involved in covert operations to hang.

"You Told Me You Loved Me" by Thomas Hawk via Flickr Creative Commons

If you don't have the password to enter, you may be asked to do a variety of things to prove trustworthy. (I had to hop around like a bunny for five minutes). For full embarrassment's sake, your antics can be observed by everyone in the restaurant (so they can judge your worthiness, of course). Once inside, you will find maps, charts, military badges, spy memorabilia, James Bond movie posters, and a giant puzzle made out of a moving wall. The restaurant itself is a maze - with patrons seated in nooks and crannies throughout. This place has to be experienced, but go for the entertainment factor; the food is nothing to sneeze at. Even with the itching powder.

Good luck trying to track down the password.