"Snowbird-Utah-by-Eric-Schultz" by Eric Schultz via Flickr Creative Commons

Utah license plates proudly boast that its state has "The Greatest Snow on Earth." The bold claim may have you wondering just how true the statement is, and we know that “best snow” is of course subjective, but their assertion isn't completely groundless.

Not only do the Wasatch Mountains receive more than 500 inches a year, but most of that snow is the kind skiers live for: dry, deep powder. Ski resorts in Utah get more than three times fewer visits than rival mountain states like Colorado, which means fresh lines and minimal lift times. But the best thing about skiing in Utah? The configuration of its resorts make it possible to blaze through six resorts in one day. Ski Utah Interconnect Adventure Tour is a serious adventure that combines downhill and backcountry trails to give you hours of skiing without ever removing your skis or getting into a vehicle. It's the ultimate powder day.

"Wasatch Mountains Utah (Solitude Ski Resort)" by KMJ Photography via Flickr Creative Commons

The Backcountry in all its Glory

Many of Utah’s ski resorts are only several miles apart which is what makes traversing from one to the next so convenient. The Interconnect Adventure Tour starts at Deer Valley and utilizes the backcountry terrain to take you to Park City, Solitude, Brighton, Alta and finally, Snowbird. The number of runs at each stop depends on the preferences of the group, but once you’ve had your fill of one resort, you simply duck under the ropes and glide on to the next. The backcountry of the Wasatch Mountains is stunning, but avalanche risk and isolation often keep individuals away from the area that is otherwise a skiers paradise. The Interconnect Adventure Tour promises experienced, well-trained guides equipped to handle any situation.

If you're wondering why you wouldn't just spend the whole day at one resort, it's because this is the only tour of its kind in North America. Despite the resorts being geographically close, the terrain and resorts are actually quite different. Deer Valley has perfectly manicured runs and offers one of Utah’s most exclusive lift-tickets. Snowbird’s 3,240 foot vertical drop ranks as the highest in the state, while other spots are better for beginners. Alta and Deer Valley turn all snowboarders away. Brighton welcomes them with open arms. It's the Goldilocks of ski season -- take a few runs, see where you feel the most comfortable.

"Snowbird" by Snowbirdphoto via Flickr Creative Commons

What to Expect

As well prepared as the guides are, you have to make several preparations on your own for this trip. The tour is open only to advanced-expert skiers, so make sure your group is fit enough to meet the physical demands of an all-day backcountry excursion. A stop for lunch is included, but you will want to pack snacks, water and sunscreen so you can replenish as the day goes on. The tour is only available to individuals ages 16 and up, so plan accordingly for a day without the kiddos.