Considering the fact that Taiwan is an island, it’s only fitting that fun in the water in Taiwan is a main source of entertainment. From gorgeous sandy beaches to exhilarating river rafting opportunities, Taiwan is awash in far-out ways to enjoy the water. Whether you stick to the east coast of the country to do some whale watching, or if you head inland to kayak down an idyllic river, you’re sure be impressed by what the region’s natural bodies of water have to offer. No matter where your adventure takes you, you’re always to be close to the water in Taiwan so be sure to take advantage of it.

Photo Credit: Carrie Kellenberger

Go Whale Watching on Taiwan's East Coast or Guishan Island

Whale watching is a relatively new pastime in Taiwan, which is surprising since it’s incredibly easy to spot whales just off of the water in Taiwan’s east coast. Indeed, Yilan, Taitung and Hualien counties are all popular whale-watching regions and dozens of tour operators can be found so you should have no trouble booking a trip. Although a community of fisherman once inhabited Guishan Island, it's now strictly enjoyed by tourists, naturalists and conservationists, but don't let the stratovolcano scare you away. More importantly, it is a prime place to see some truly breathtaking whales. If you only have time to go on one whale-watching expedition in Taiwan, choose one off of Guishan Island - you won’t regret it!

Try River Tracing in Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge is Taiwan’s answer to the Grand Canyon, and river tracing is one of the hottest new outdoor pastimes. It makes sense, then, to combine the two. In river tracing, participants don rubber boots, kneepads, swimsuits, helmets, life jackets and rappelling harnesses and work their way up rivers and waterfalls. Thanks to its majestic topography, Taroko Gorge is one of the best places to enjoy river tracing in the entire world.

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Go Rafting in Hualien County

Taiwan is crisscrossed by many excellent rivers. Ground-zero for river rafting, though, has to be Hualien County. There, you’ll find the mighty Xiuguluan River. Rafting expeditions along this sometimes tempestuous river are readily available, so take your pick and hit the water!

Hit the Sails Wind Surfing in the Penghu Islands

Off of the west coast of Taiwan lies a bucolic chain of islands. Collectively, they are known as the Penghu Islands and they are home of some of the best wind surfing in the world. Wind speeds of between 40 to 50 knots are average for this blustery region; as a result, the wind surfing is wild and out of this world.

Photo Credit: Kevin Jakko

Explore the Ocean Depths on Green Island

Green Island, which lies off of the eastern coast of Taiwan, is famous for its phenomenal scuba diving opportunities. This volcanic island may be small, but it’s bursting at its seams with exceptional places to explore the crystal clear waters of the ocean. If scuba diving and snorkeling are your things, you can’t leave Taiwan without visiting this island.

Photo Credit: m-louis .®Kayak Along the Wulai River

Like many people, you may visit the town of Wulai in order to enjoy its hot springs. While you’re in the area, why not enjoy a kayaking trip down the nearby Wulai River? Much of the surrounding area is utterly pristine, allowing you to soar along the river in blissful peace.

Photo Credit: Alexander Synaptic

Relax on a River Cruise Along the Love River

With a population of approximately 1.5 million, Kaohsiung City - which is located in southeastern Taiwan - has a decidedly frenzied pace. Happily, the Love River flows lazily through the bustling metropolis, providing plenty of prime relaxation opportunities. Most popularly, river cruises travel up and down the river throughout most afternoons and evenings. The intoxicating scenery of the Love River makes this a natural choice for just about any visitor.

Photo Credit: Weixiang Ng

Find Serenity at Cisingtan Bay

The bucolic scenery of Cisingtan Bay makes it a natural place to do a little Zen meditating along the water in Taiwan. You can visit alone or hire a local to show you the ropes. In either case, the majesty of the waters and the calm, peaceful environment are sure to make lasting impressions.

Photo Credit: Chen Qu

Unwind at the Beach at Kenting National Park

What better way to wind up your Taiwanese adventure than with a day at the beach? Kenting National Park boasts several topnotch beaches; whether you opt for the white sands of Baishawan Beach or the palm trees of Kenting Beach, you’re sure to feel rested and rejuvenated after spending an unforgettable day there.