Photo Credit: Allen Hsu

From the fascinating customs and unique cultures to the exhilarating adventures, breathtaking nature and delectable food, Taiwan is an incredible country. Here are 100 great reasons to visit because if this lengthy list doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.

  1. Buddhist Education at Dharma Drum Mountain
  2. Visit Dajia Mazu (Mother of Ship) at Chen Lan Palace
  3. Zhongtai Zen Monastery Tour
  4. Visit the largest monastery in FoGuangShan
  5. Discover the true spirit of Buddhism and the world of Tzuchi at Jing-Si Jing She
  6. Visit the largest Yi Guan Dao Practice Center in Southeast Asia: Shenwei Tiantai Mountain
  7. Quite contemplation at Confucius Temple
  8. Make a wish at LongShan Temple Tour
  9. East meets West: Wutai Catholic Church: catholic church go native
  10. Visit the first organic rural village in Taiwan at the Sixty Stones Mountain
  11. Sleepless Taipei: City Night Tour
  12. Hit and Bat with the locals at LA Dodger’s Hong Chi Kuo and Washington Nationals’ Chien-Ming Wang’s home country
  13. Tai-Chi Lesson with the Master
  14. Dare-you-not: a visit to the Snake Alley
  15. The Holiday Jade and Flower Market the largest in Asia
  16. Learn Chinese calligraphy
  17. Indulge yourself in a full-body Chinese massage and acupuncture
  18. Foot massage in Dihua Street
  19. Health check-up with Chinese medicine doctor
  20. Visit the largest wind damper in the world in Taipei 101
  21. Experience the traditional Taiwanese Puppet Show in Yunlin
  22. Take a Tour at Miaoli Syanyi: the town of wood sculpture
  23. Trace the footprints of early ethnic Hakka culture within the Neiwan Beipu old street
  24. Visit the Chiang Kai-Shek’s mausoleum in Daxi Taoyuan
  25. Lose yourself in the “skyless streets” in Lugang Village
  26. Tour the historical sites of the ancient capital: Tainan
  27. Experience the real-life battlefield scenes in Matzu and Kinmen
  28. Visit the world’s 5th largest museum: National Palace Museum
  29. Lost in Translation: Taiwanese Opera
  30. Mandarin for Beginner: Mandarin class
  31. Visit the historic mining town of Jiufen
  32. Chinese Fortune Telling
  33. Explore the world of Ami tribe in Hualien Mataian
  34. Unravel the mysteries of the prehistoric Amis village in Dulan Taitung
  35. Trace the steps of the Tsou Tribe in Alishan
  36. Join the Tao Tribe and legendary Flying Fish in Orchid Island
  37. Enjoy the traditional performances at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
  38. Pay tribute to the aboriginal struggle of the Japanese occupation at the Mona Rudao Memorial Monument
  39. Experience the Hakka culture in Meinong Folk Village
  40. Experience the Taiwanese pop culture in Ximending
  41. Taiwanese cuisine at its best: Aoba Restaurant
  42. Venture into Taiwan’s largest night market: Shilin Night Market for a culinary adventure
  43. Yilan Lotung Night Market
  44. Indulge yourself at the national capital of street food: Tainan
  45. Experience a spiritual and culinary dialogue at Shi-Yan Culture Restaurant
  46. Keelung Night Market
  47. Aboriginal feast in Taroko Gorge
  48. Jiayi Night Market
  49. Fresh seafood feast at Cijin Island
  50. World-famous dumpling restaurant Din Tai Fung
  51. How hot are you: Spicy hot pot at Ding Wang Hot Pot Restaurant
  52. Kaohsiung Liuhe Night Market
  53. Taichung Funjia Night Market
  54. National dish: beef noodle soup
  55. Tea tasting and cuisine at Tea House
  56. Challenge your taste bud: Stinky tofu
  57. Medicinal cuisine experience
  58. Stir-Fried par Excellence, Taiwanese stir-fried restaurant
  59. Ethnic Hakka cuisine at Tung Flower Restaurant
  60. Vegetarian’s paradise
  61. Hike along the high mountain tea plantation in Alishan Shizhao
  62. Rock climbing in Long Dong: world’s premier costal climbing
  63. Ancient trial in National Park
  64. Climb the highest peak in Taiwan: Jade Mountain
  65. Trekking through the waterfall in Baiyang Trail
  66. Snorkeling in Green Island
  67. Ride along the abandoned railway tracks in Taichung Shuangfeng Bikeway
  68. Ride along the Pacific Coast
  69. Experience Paragliding at Luye Gaotai
  70. Cycling through Sun Moon Lake
  71. River-tracing in Taroko Gorge
  72. Test your limit at the river rafting in Hualien
  73. Wind-surfing in Penghu
  74. Scuba Diving in Penghu
  75. Soak in Beitou Hotspring
  76. Pamper yourself at the sacred black hot spring bath in Guanziling
  77. Experience hot and cold spring at Jiaoxi Spring Spa
  78. Stroll through the hot spring street in Wulai
  79. Experience the salt-water hot spring by the sea in Green Island
  80. Hike along the Mt. Maolan Trail with the view of black tea farm
  81. River Cruise on Love River
  82. Whale watch at Gueishan Island
  83. Bird watch in Cigui: Black-faced spoonbill
  84. Bird watch at Yilan Swamplands: water birds
  85. Bird watch at Kenting National Park: Grey Frog Hawk and Buzzard Eagle
  86. Eco-friendly visit to the Butterfly Valley
  87. Visit the cat-friendly town of Hotong
  88. Dolphin watch in Hualien
  89. Boat ride on the Sun Moon Lake
  90. Tunnel of Nine Turns: the most scenic route of the Taroko Gorge
  91. North-East Coast and Caoling Historic Trail
  92. Evening walk with the fireflies in Carp Pond in Hualien
  93. Breathtakinf view of the Bagua tea field
  94. Walk through the Lion’s Head Mountain Trial
  95. Escape to the mountain: Maokong Gondola
  96. Yehliu “Queens’ Head” Rock Formation
  97. See the volcanic eruption at Siaoyuken Yangminsan
  98. Salt field in Tainan
  99. Island-hoppings in Penghu
  100. A zen meditation on the Pacific Coast