South Dakota

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Family Vacation

Sioux Falls is the Ultimate Family Destination for Winter Fun

No family can resist a good deal — or a fun vacation. Sioux Falls is one of those places that does both.

Culinary Travel

Eat Your Way Around Sioux Falls At These 15 Stops

We all know that food is a major part of a vacation so it's time to let the diet go and loosen the belt buckle. If you’re ...

Cultural Experience

Be An Urban Explorer in Sioux Falls

Despite the many accolades Sioux Falls has racked up over the years (like one of the best value cities and best family des...

South Dakota

A Vacation That Doesn't Break the Bank: Fantastic Free (and Almost Free) Attractions in Sioux Falls

Let's face it, family vacations are not cheap. Between airfare, lodging, admissions costs, and food for multiple family me...

Family Vacation

4 Stops Adventurous Families Will Love in and Around Sioux Falls

As the largest city in South Dakota, outsiders may overlook Sioux Falls as a modern, metropolitan hub, but intrepid travelers know better. Located on the edge of the Black Hills, adventure is always just around the bend. For families looking for the best of both worlds, make Sioux Falls your base for exploration for a value-packed weekend away.

South Dakota

Take a Trip Back in Time... to Sioux Falls

The largest city in South Dakota is a favorite with everyone from the hardy locals to old-time outlaws for its windy river...

South Dakota

A South Dakota Adventure [Video]

​Join Adventurer JJ Yosh as he explores the Black Hills, Custer State Park, and everywhere in between. It's an epic South ...

South Dakota

Nostalgic, Kitschy and Proud: South Dakota is the All-American Summer Road Trip

“Welcome to South Dakota, now roll your watch back 20 years.” A place frozen in time, quirky roadside stops, antiques shop...