Travelers wondering may wish to considering Singapore planning a fabulous beach vacation. This Southeast Asian city-state boasts an incredible shoreline that has long been the envy of other countries. In fact, the British Empire utilized Singapore as a trading colony until the early 1800s. Since then, it has transformed into a bustling metropolis and one of the world’s most prosperous countries, with the busiest port on the globe. Individuals who have an interest in enjoying a relaxing getaway to an exotic and tropical locale are sure to have a fantastic time in Singapore.

Although Singapore is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, more than 50 percent of its land is covered in lush forests and greenery. As such, travelers who wish for a scenic vacation will not be disappointed in this beautiful city. The majority of Singapore’s beaches are located on the East Coast, a largely residential area that boasts more than 20 kilometers of gorgeous, white sand shoreline. In addition, this region is known for being the home of many of Southeast Asia’s culinary wizards, providing several upscale and gourmet dining options for visitors.

Individuals who plan their vacations to the East Coast of Singapore should be sure to spend some time in Katong, a quaint community near the seafront. This neighborhood is largely considered the birthplace of laksa, a delicious coconut-flavored noodle soup that is very popular among local citizens. While there are many restaurants where one can indulge in this yummy treat, 328 Katong, Famous 49 and Marine Parade are known for serving particularly delicious versions of this national dish.

Vacationers who would prefer to plan an island getaway may wish to consider visiting Sentosa, a much beloved tourist attraction located off the coast of Singapore. This beautiful destination is an ideal spot to plan a family trip, as it has much to offer the 3-12 year old set. Children and adults are sure to have a wonderful time visiting Resorts World, a gigantic complex on the island that includes a Universal Studios amusement park, a casino and dozens of shopping options. Another great spot for families to check out is Underwater World, the largest tropical oceanarium in Asia. At this site, individuals can walk through an aquarium filled with sharks and fish, and then emerge outside to watch an exciting dolphin show.