Photo Credit: Panapro

Many individuals that venture to Central America say that one of the most charming is the archipelago Bocas del Tora, or Bocas for short. The six islands’ friendly and relaxed atmosphere make them the perfect vacation spot for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. While all of the islands have their own unique personalities, they are all breathtakingly beautiful. Lined with colorful wooden houses and spectacular beaches, it is a running joke that those who travel to Bocas always delay their flights so that they can stay just a little bit longer.

The most developed of all the Bocas islands is Isla Colón. Many tourists come to this spot to head to its pristine beaches. However, travelers who have young children should be warned that the riptides at many of these locations are notoriously strong. For those who do have kids, Boca del Drago Beach is the best for swimming conditions. The beach itself it not extremely large, but it offers a gorgeous area for snorkeling and laying in the sun. Another popular spot on the island is the San San Pond Sak Wetlands. This is an amazing location for viewing all the wildlife Panama has to offer, including sloths, capuchin monkeys and manatees. Since this area has been left widely untouched, it is an ideal place to see these creatures in their natural habitats.

Many other people like to stay on Isla Colón because it is very easy to get to the five other islands from here. There are plenty of water taxis, or “taxis marino” to Spanish-speaking locals. These small boats can take travelers to other nearby islands for only a few dollars.

One of the most tranquil island is Isla Carenero, or “Careening Cay.” Although this location has plenty of resorts, it is far from being the tourist attraction that Isla Colón has become, which is why many venture here for its peace and quiet. However, that does not mean that there is nothing to do here. Many visitors head to its northeast section to an area known as Carenero. There is a reef break in this spot, making it ideal for surfing. For those guests who are less experienced in the sport, there is also a beach break on the northern side of the island, which provides for calmer surfing conditions.