Morocco has held the fascination of travelers for centuries making this exotic getaway one of the most popular in the world. From its culture, a wonderful amalgamation of Arabic and African influences, to its breathtakingly diverse terrain, Morocco certainly lives up to its reputation as one of the pearls of Africa.

There are a plethora of sites and historical attractions to hit. Visit the tombs of ancient royals at the Saadian tombs, observe local customs in Djemaa el Fna or appreciate the country’s many natural wonders at the amazing Todra and Dades Gorges in the Atlas mountain range. Whether it’s a blood pumping trek to the summit of High-Atlas Mountain, a stroll through the maze that is a Moroccan bazaar or a lesson in making the wonderful local cuisine, visitors will not be disappointed by the smorgasbord of things to do.

There is absolutely nothing boring about Morocco’s geography either. With deserts, mountains and beaches, each region has its own characteristics and appeal. Many areas even have their own microclimates which make for an interesting and varied journey through the country.

Moroccans are extremely hospitable people. Tourists, especially those traveling alone, will find that locals are eager to make friendly conversation, break bread and even invite you home for a traditional dinner of couscous and grilled meat. There is a wide range of accommodations available which will satisfy every budget and luxury level. Whether you’re in search of low cost hostels or five star hotels, everyone will find a place to rest their head.

Navigating Morocco is rather easy with several efficient and reliable public transportation options available. Renting a car is also possible, but fuel can become quite costly on longer journeys. Taxis are a great way to get between and within cities and are popular with locals, as well. There are two main bus services, a more upscale one for tourists and the more adventurous local style. The train network is extensive and there are several classes to choose from.


  • Embark on a desert safari in the great Sahara
  • Soak and scrub in a Hammam, a public steam bath
  • Shop ‘til you drop at Marrakech’s largest souq
  • Swim in the stunning Cascades d’Ouzoud waterfalls
  • Observe fascinating scenes in Marrakech’s famous square, the Djemaa el Fna
  • Learn more about Morocco’s history at the Kasbah Museum