1989 brought us many gifts, like the invention of the Internet and The Simpsons, but it also brought us the cult classic, Field of Dreams. Directed by Phil Alden Robinson starring heartthrob Kevin Costner, the baseball themed movie takes place in rural Iowa and is narrated by a modest corn farmer. Because of this field, a young man's wildest dreams come true. It’s a touching story with a message that's relevant to all generations, ensuring a place in the archives as a hit for years to come.

This baseball field that was part of the set is real and still exists today in Dubuque County, drawing movie fans from all across the world. It’s a fully functioning field, so many locals still use it to play baseball. There are multiple pickup games held throughout the week and anyone can stand behind home plate or throw a pitch. You know what they say, “If you build it, they will come.” The Voice may have been right about this one.

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Reenact the Movie

Sometimes during the summer, people reenact scenes from the movie. MLB stars, baseball fanatics and curious visitors alike have all found themselves at the Field of Dreams. If you even slightly enjoy America's favorite pastime, this place is a mecca. The onsite gift shop has everything from giant baseball bats to collectors’ items from the set. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, you can still find ways to enjoy this slice of American history. There are guided tours of the field, and if you’ve seen the film, you’ll be able to easily identify where all the shots were filmed. It's pretty incredible to stand where your favorite characters once did.

See it Before it Changes

Best of all, it’s a totally free attraction and completely open to the public. The nearby town of Dyersville offers easy access to the field. Although it’s a community asset now, that could change in the upcoming years. In 2010, the field was sold and there are rumors of expansion plans to create a super sports complex using the Field of Dreams front and center. But for now, people come and go as they please. The Field of Dreams is a true cultural icon and a little slice of Hollywood nestled in the quiet plains of the Midwest. If you ever find yourself nearby, take a detour and check it out. It’s the real deal, and who knows, maybe a dream or two could come true for you!