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Kauai is the Most Photogenic (And Active) of the Hawaiian Islands

One of America’s greatest decisions was to make a group of islands in the South Pacific its fiftieth state back in 1959. E...

Scuba Diving

Yolo: Snorkel or SCUBA with the Manta Rays in Hawaii

Located off the Kona coast on the Big Island, the Manta Ray Night Dive is regularly rated one of the most incredible thing...


Dangerous Beauty: The Hike up Hawaii’s Illegal Haiku Stairs

While we never condone any illegal activity, I suppose we could look the other way if you were to slip past a guardrail or...


48 Hours in Honolulu

Located on Oahu, Hawaii's third largest Island and the islands’ most popular city, Honolulu mixes historical palaces with ...


The Road to Hana: Why You Should Go with a Tour Company Over Driving Yourself

Often cited as the must-do in Maui, the actual town of Hana is sure to disappoint. Only three buildings, one of which is a bank that’s open 9 hours a week, it’s the perfect example of “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” And the Road to Hana is rightfully deserving of the title of "One of the Best Road Trips in the World." Some of the most breathtaking rainforest landscapes and rushing waterfalls you’ll ever see, passing over 60 (yes 60!) bridges, countless switchbacks, a...


Hawaii Travel Guide

The Northern Pacific Ocean’s premier holiday destination, the islands of Hawaii were controversially annexed by the United...


Surfing’s Best Competitions - Northshore Hawaii

When you hear North shore, your mind invariably goes to Hawaii for the best surfing competitions. Less than an hour’s driv...


68 Miles of Lush Hawaiian Scenery Make up the Road to Hana

The 68-mile Hana Highway takes you back to the early days of Hawaii when Maui’s wild beauty and surfside towns were the wa...