For centuries, Australia’s mysterious landscape tantalized the developing world from its remote location, waiting for modernization to finally seize control. Nevertheless, even after its seeming inevitable colonization in 1788, Australia has proven to be a unique and majestic destination. Today, millions still flock to the ‘land down under’ to experience its rare culture, landscape, and climate.

From the unforgiving harshness of Australia’s arid center, to the thriving coastal plains, this remarkable nation boasts a tremendously varied and breathtakingly beautiful environment. Dense tropical rainforests, wildlife-filled wetlands, striking surf beaches, chaotic cosmopolitan cities, rugged mountain peaks…the list of Australia’s fine terrains are almost endless. Luckily for tourists, the country’s domestic transportation is world-class. Yet, visitors should expect to spend quite a bit of time traveling if they want to see it all in one trip.

Holidaymakers are spoiled with choices when it comes to activities in Australia. Climbing the world’s most memorable monolith will undoubtedly be on the agenda. However, surfing some of the planet’s best beach breaks also cannot be passed up. The Great Barrier Reef is famed the world over, and indigenous culture is similarly a fascinating feature of Australia’s tourism industry. Visitors can also taste a range of meats that only this nation provides, such as crocodile, emu, kangaroo, and even witchetty grub (an indigenous favorite)!

Accommodation is pretty much found anywhere in Australia, and if it’s not officially available, make-shift camp sites can be set up at a moment’s notice. In Australia’s major cities, hotels can be expensive; however, the vast abundance of options mean visitors can always find something to suit their budgets. Renting camper vans is popular, as exploring Australia’s outback region is a fascinating experience. Although, never underestimate the dangers that could arise when discovering the Outback so plan accordingly. Generally speaking, Australians are very friendly people who are willing to lend a hand if visitors find themselves in trouble.

When planning a holiday to Australia, visitors need to take into account the amount of travel time needed to get from one area to the next. Flying is the fastest, albeit most expensive, method of transportation available. However, train and bus travel is often preferred for their affordability and scenic opportunities. The busiest international gateway is Sydney, although other cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth are major transport hubs too. Several major highways span the country, including the Hume, Bruce, Pacific, and Great Western Highway.

Wherever tourists base themselves, day trips and short getaways are effortless to arrange. Most cities are within close proximity to amazing beaches, natural landmarks, highland regions, or other Aussie highlights.


  • Eat unique dishes like crocodile hamburgers and kangaroo steak
  • Swim at one of the world’s best beaches like Bells Beach or Kirra
  • Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, or scuba dive its beautiful coral gardens
  • Ascend Uluru and view Australia’s majestic red center at dawn
  • See Australia’s largest metropolis, Sydney, from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Visit Australia’s convict colonial heritage at Port Authur
  • Trek through the Daintree, an untouched magical rainforest
  • Go birdwatching and crocodile seeking in Kakadu National Park

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