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Nepal Travel Guide

Mystical Nepal lies in the towering Himalaya Mountains on the roof of the world, sharing its wild landscape with eight of ...


17 Days in the Annapurna Circuit (Himalayas): Paradise Almost Lost

A place is hard to define. Places change. People change. And in many "must-see" locations, they inevitably become entrench...

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Packing List: 5 Pieces of Gear You Need for Conquering Everest

Shrouded in clouds and steeped in tales of tragedy and triumph, Mt. Everest is a more than a mountain; it is the stuff of ...


Trekking Mount Everest Base Camp

Make a hike of it for two days or take 10 to reach the Everest Base Camp on this trek from the Khumbu region of Nepal, one...


Nepal: When to Go and What to Expect

Located in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal has captivated mountaineers and adventurers for centuries -- but you don't need to brave Mount Everest or search for the elusive Yeti in order to make the most of your stay in the so-called "abode of the Gods." While 35% of Nepal's total land area is reserved for natural sanctuaries, the capital city of Kathmandu is a colorful hub that is sure to intrigue the culturally curious. Boasting a host of Buddhist and Hindu shrines and temples and diverse ...


Trekking Nepal's Everest Region

After spending several weeks in India I crossed through the wild Himalayan landscape to Nepal's majestic capital -- Kathma...


Everest Reigns on Top of the World

The Natural World Wonders have always been a popular cornerstone for our clients' adventures and there is no bigger World ...