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All visitors to the United States must have their travel visas arranged before arriving in the country. To see what is required for your nationality you can speak with your local US embassy regarding current travel visa requirements or look online at the US government’s visa website for more information.

Health and Safety

Utah is one of the safest states in America. Its cities are clean, well-organized, and enjoy one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. Even the downtown district of the capital Salt Lake is safe to walk around after dark. But visitors should exercise the usual caution with their valuables and cash. Petty theft is the most common problem in Utah, so don’t invite it by leaving valuables in your parked car when touring the town or taking a hike in the national parks.

The desert environment of Utah presents its own unique dangers for travelers exploring its national parks. Most of the state sits at a relatively high elevation, even in the red rock regions of the south. The UV rays from the sun in Utah are much stronger than they feel so always wear plenty of sunscreen or a hat when hiking or walking around outdoors. The canyons are also a potential place of danger if a thunderstorm threatens. A rain storm 100 miles away can create flash floods in the narrow red rock canyons that can kill in an instant. Always check the regional weather forecast before venturing out into the national parks, and avoid canyons if there is any real chance of rain.

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