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All visitors to the United States must have their travel visas arranged before arriving in the country. To see what is required for your nationality you can speak with your local US embassy regarding current travel visa requirements or look online at the US government’s visa website for more information.

Health and Safety

All visitors to the United States are advised to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B as this is the most common contagious disease in the country. Hepatitis A is typically contracted from eating at a restaurant whose employees are not up to hygiene standards. The heat of a Texas summer is another health consideration. Most of the hiking trails are in desert environments so be sure and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated and use sunscreen. Keep an eye out for indigenous creatures like rattlesnakes when hiking or biking as well.

Texas is no more dangerous than any other American state. Despite the proliferation of gun ownership here, firearms are rarely used to settle disagreements these days. Certain areas of Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio have trouble with gangs and violent crime, but visitors rarely need to go to those neighborhoods. The border towns with Mexico such as El Paso and Brownsville can also be dangerous at night, so be extra careful when walking around after dark.

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