Nearly every visitor who travels to America is required to get a visa prior to arrival. EU member states are automatically granted visas on arrival, but still need to complete an onlin ESTA first. It is suggested that you contact your nearest US embassy to learn about the specific visa requirements for your country. You can also go online and browse the extensive information at the US government’s visa website.

Health and Safety

Every traveler who visits the United States is advised to get their vaccinations for hepatitis A and B, as this is the most common disease contracted from poor hygiene standards in restaurants. The western mountains get plenty of snow in the winter, so visitors should drive with caution and be prepared when they venture outside for recreation.

North Carolina’s major cities like Charlotte and Raleigh are where the greatest risk for crime exists. It’s no worse than any other big American city, however, and tourists rarely have need to venture into the dangerous parts of town. It is always worth exerting extra caution after dark in the big cities, however, as petty crime can take at any time and any place. Theft is another thing to consider, so never leave your valuables unattended in parked cars or bags at busy tourist sites.