Montana Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis can be useful if you are just rolling through a single city for a quick business meeting. You will only find cabs in the main cities like Missoula and Billings. They use a meter for fares and never cruise the streets so be sure and carry a couple of phone numbers to call for a pick up. In Missoula, Yellow Cab (+1-406-543-6644) is a good outfit, while Billings has City Cab (+1-406-252-8700).

You need a car to get around Montana. Even if you stay in just one town, you’ll be relying on your feet unless you have your own wheels. Public transportation is extremely limited, even in the big cities. Most of the big American rental companies have offices in all of Montana’s airports and the downtown districts. Renting is the most common option for visitors and it’s advised to book in advance if traveling during peak tourist seasons like summer or Christmas.

Montana Trains and Buses

Montana is a huge state, and most travelers enter by air or car. If time is not an issue, the train offers a wonderfully scenic and relaxing way to see Montana. Amtrak’s Empire Builder line runs right through 12 small northern towns on its route from Chicago to Seattle. This legendary ride stops at Whitefish, West Glacier, Shelby and several others. The seats are comfortable and the scenery magnificent. You can rent a car in Whitefish to carry on your journey.

The Greyhound Bus is the most flexible means of travel to Montana because it runs buses from cities all over America and stops at all the big cities and many popular small towns. Within the state, you can use Powder River Trailways and Rimrock Trailways to get between a handful of Montana destinations. The fares are cheap, making traveling by bus the most affordable transportation option. Billings and Missoula have public buses that run around their downtown core. They are marginally useful for visitors with limited schedules and routes.