Photo Credit: Vincent Brassinne

Belgium isn’t just about historic sights, chocolate shops, and beers bars, although there’s a lot to be said for these three main things to do. Visitors to this little country can choose between many outdoor sports, such as hiking and walking, guided tours via bike, bus, canal boat or private car to WWII sites, or indulge in trips to wineries, breweries, chocolate factories, castles and gardens. The canals of Bruges and a hot-air balloon trip are also not to be missed.

Museum tours are a great way to learn about the country, and a new way to take a tour is by Segway, after a brief lesson. In the Ardennes region, sky-diving is a popular pastime, as are visits to the vintage Tramway Museum, and scenic flights are another way to see the verdant countryside from a new viewpoint. There’s so much to see and do in Belgium that most visitors will find a tour around each region gives them the best orienteering experience. The 10-day Ghent Festival is a must if you’re in the country in mid-July.

Brussels bike tours are the traditional way to see the essential sights, and are offered by a number of providers. Cycling in the flat city is safe and easy as there’s less traffic than in most European counterparts and drivers respect cyclists. Brussels Bike Tours guides visitors on a gently-paced, four-hour trip around all the main areas, including a stop for chips and beer.

Canal boat trips are popular things to do and a way to see the historic delights of Bruges, the medieval city set along canals which give breathtaking views of landmarks, monuments, and the ancient homes along the banks. Venetië van het Noorden on Huidenvettersplein can be found in Bruges’ main tourist office and leaves at 10:00 a.m. daily.

Antwerp Segway tours provided by Belgium Segway tour are a fun way to get an overview of the historic city of Antwerp and its many landmarks and attractions. Once you’ve learned how to use a Segway, the tour takes in the ancient fortress, the port and marina, the museum, several glorious churches including the Notre Dame Cathedral, Rubens’ house, and 15 more of the city’s most important monuments.

Hiking in the Ardennes with Europ’Aventure allows visitors to discover the stunning natural beauty of the region. Tiny farming villages, rolling hills, open vistas, and remote forests are all part of this breathtaking region, and hikes vary from one to four or five-day trips. Biking tours can also be taken.

Belgium beer and chocolate tours, however touristy as they sound, just have to be taken during a holiday as the two delights are as much a part of Belgian culture as mussels and chips (with or without the mayo). Both tours are offered in the main cities, with tasting a must. Brussels Beer Tours specializes in visiting the local breweries which make the country’s famous craft delights. Brussels Walks takes visitors on a delicious stroll to the best chocolate places in the capital, guided by an expert chocolatier.

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