"Moorea" by Mark Wallace via Flickr Creative Commons

The crystal clear waters of the South Pacific are better known for diving, but take some time to explore the landscape and you’ll come across…

The crystal clear waters of the South Pacific are better known for diving, but take some time to explore the landscape and you’ll come across many once and a lifetime views. Everywhere you go the act of ‘walking’ is being discovered. The aborigines are known to take walkabouts, which are just plain wanderings that have a spiritual slant to them. Therefore, the Australian outback and island of Tasmania are littered with hiking trails. Nearby the snowy mountain peaks and tropical forests of New Zealand, often considered the world’s adventure capital, are prime trekking ground.

  1. Overland Track, Australia The 80km (50-mile) Overland Track in Cradle Mountain & Lake St. Clair National Park in Tasmania is often considered Australia’s best. There’s also loads of side trips to Tasmania’s tallest mountain, Australia’s deepest lake, and to further explore the rainforests and alpine forests.
  2. The Milford Track, New Zealand Here you’ll explore New Zealand’s fjord land, a 54 kilometer (33-mile) trek across the Clinton and Arthur Valleys and over Mckinnon Pass.
  3. Tongariro National Park’s Northern Circuit, New Zealand This mild alpine walk covers more than 21 miles of New Zealand’s rugged volcanic terrain. Side trips get you up in close to three volcanoes, near steam vents, aquamarine water holes, and volcanic craters of one of New Zealand’s most popular national parks.
  4. Abel Tasman Track, New Zealand The most popular multi day hike in New Zealand attracts more than 30,000 hikers each year who explore the beaches, cliffs, and estuaries of this national park.
  5. Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea This rugged, 56 mile trail is the most walked in Papua New Guinea. The steep ridges and muddy gullies were the sight of some of the most intense fighting in World War II.
  6. Moorea, French Polynesia Single track trails, like the one from Opunohu Valley to Belvédère Lookout, over ridges like Rotui and through lush tropical forests take you to some of the most stunning sea views in the world.
  7. Easter Island, Chile From moai nurseries, the volcano of Rano Kau, to incredible south pacific sea walks, the bewildering sights of this mysterious island are best explored on foot.
  8. Bicentennial National Trail, Australia A more than 3,100 mile trail through mountains and wilderness in the very heart of the country.
  9. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia Home of Ayer’s Rock and other sacred Aboriginal sites, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, offers some of the best hiking and scenery in northern Australia.
  10. Benaria Valley, Papua New Guinea The Huli people, who still believe in sorcery and ancestral beliefs, dominate this highland region. You’ll come to markets and waterfalls spread out amongst the dense unexplored rainforest.

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