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Where else but California would it be possible to spend the morning skiing and the afternoon surfing?
There aren’t many places where you can enjoy the rapture of skiing or snowboarding, the bliss of hiking and the delight of surfing all in the same day.
One of the most freeing things about long car trips is one's ability to hop into a vehicle, turn the music up and zone out as you fly down the highway.
Chile’s slender ribbon-like shape is cut in half by an even thinner ribbon of road: the 770 mile Carretera Austral. Also known as the Southern Highway or Highway 7, one might think this modern conv...
Situated between the capital of Bolivia, La Paz and the outer district of Coroico, resides a road so harrowing and so unreliable, it's been named the Most Dangerous in the World.
This dangerously hilarious journey takes place ever year as part of The Adventurists’ roster of insane treks across the world and is referred to as the world's greatest motoring adventure.
Missouri isn’t known as “The Cave State” for nothing. With over 6,500 underground caves, only 18 (less than 1%) are open to the public, but don’t let that deter you from exploring one of Missouri’s...
Usually cars try to avoid driving on ice. In fact, I’d pay money to not be driving behind any Californians or Floridians during an icy winter. But in the Northwest Territories, it just comes with t...