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If you're looking for a slice of paradise for your next vacation, look no further than Mauritius, a tropical island off the southeastern coast of Africa. With picture-perfect beaches, incredible water sports and amazing weather all year round, Mauritius has something for, well, everyone.

Photo by Bamba Sourang

1. The beaches are stunning

There are over 100 beaches along Mauritius' 205 miles of coastline. From long stretches of white sandy beach to small, pristine golden-hued coves, there's a beach for everyone. Add to that a perfect water temperature of around 80-degrees Fahrenheit (swoon!) and you've got yourself a perfect beach vacation.

Photo by Pascal Kobeh

2. World-class diving

Mauritius is surrounded by a lot of beautiful, colorful coral reef and equally colorful (and abundant!) marine life, making it a premier diving destination. There are also over 100 ship wrecks to explore, and — unlike coral reefs found in the Seychelles and Maldives — those in Mauritius haven't been affected by the warming of the ocean.

Photo by Kendy Mangra

3. There are tons of water sports to try.

Diving is not the only water sport that Mauritius does well. Sailing is big around the island, as are plenty of other adventure sports such as parasailing, water skiing and stand-up paddling.

Photo by Ly Hoang Long

4. Perfect climate year-round

Mauritius is truly a year-round destination. It lies just above the Tropic of Capricorn, which means it gets a lot of sunshine throughout the year. Even in its hottest month in January, the temperature averages around 78-degrees Fahrenheit, while it's merely 70-degrees Fahrenheit at its coldest in July.

Photo by Bamba Sourang

5. Golfing in paradise

Did you know that Mauritius was the third country where golf was ever played? (UK was first, India second.) Golfing is one of the top Mauritius attractions and it's easy to see why: world-class championship golf courses (designing by the greats themselves) built in beautiful natural settings are sprinkled across the island.

Photo by Ly Hoang Long

6. Stunning landscapes

It's honestly no wonder why Mauritius has been dubbed "Paradise Island." From stunning waterfalls to lush forests and varied mountain ranges, the diverse scenery on this 1,200-square-mile hideaway is like something straight out of a movie. One of the most beautiful displays of wild nature lies in the Seven Coloured Earths of Chamarel - a unique geological formation with seven distinct colors of sand.

Photo by Grey Hutton

7. Affordable luxury

With life on Mauritius quite affordable in general, the island can offer world-class resorts at very competitive prices. Scrolling through the hundreds of beautiful properties on the island, you can find a room at a well-loved five-star resort for under $400 a night. That's unheard of in so many tropical destinations!

Photo by Daniel Malinowski

8. See dolphins up close

Mauritius is well known for its dolphin sightings. It has a very temperate climate, which is why it is frequently visited by these magnificent creatures to rest or reproduce. Some of the best ways to see them is through a guided boat tour just off the coast.

Photo by Bamba Sourang

9. Beautifully diverse culture

Thanks to its French, Indian, African and Asian influences, the food on Mauritius is some of the most diverse in the world! That diversity is seen everywhere in local culture, and you'll often find monuments of different religions on the very same street. Even the native language of Creole (which is a French-based language with a mix of African, Asian and English vocabulary) perfectly reflects that diversity.