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Pink sand beaches, stalactite caves, and free rein to explore it all? It sounds like something out of a dream, but rest assured, it's very, very real on the island of Bermuda. Though technically an archipelago of about 181 islands, this small, 21-square-mile hideaway is located in the Atlantic Ocean just a few hours from the coast of North Carolina, but it feels like it's worlds away. Whether you choose to set explore its beaches or set sail deeper into its legendary waters, Bermuda is one of those places that will inspire you — and leave you absolutely amazed.

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Pink Sand Paradise

Bermuda is both famous and infamous for the coral reefs that surround the island. While the reefs have historically been absolutely treacherous for sailors, they have also made Bermuda into one of the premier diving spots in the entire world. Further, the shells and coral from these reefs mix with soft white sand over time, creating the gorgeous and renowned pink sand beaches.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is the most popular pink sand beach in the archipelago, and, despite Bermuda not even technically being part of the Caribbean, USA Today named it among the top 10 beaches in the world. Meanwhile, stretching out a half mile, Warwick Long Bay is the island's longest beach, and Elbow Beach is a fantastic spot for swimming or body surfing thanks to the protective coral reef that keeps the waves calmer.

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Caves of Crystal

If the pink sand beaches don't wow you, try the crystal caves on for size. Any spelunking fanatic or curious wanderer looking to get off the beach won't have to walk far to find these beautiful caves. With deep blue pools spanning their floors and eclectic stalactite and stalagmite formations covering the walls and ceilings, there are well over a 100 limestone cave systems dotting the island. Cathedral Cave is a popular spot with a deep lake that you're welcome to jump right into and cool off. Meanwhile, take a guided tour in the Fantasy and Crystal Caves to learn about these geological wonders' history.

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Sail Away

One of the best ways to appreciate the natural beauty of Bermuda is to sail away from its shores and admire it from the bow of a ship. Founded by crew members from the Sea Venture shipwreck back in 1609, the island remains a haven for wayward explorers and seamen, and its one of the many reasons why the island is host to the America's Cup year after year. Sailing and boating charters (some even with lessons!) can be found throughout the island. For the complete package, be sure to book a sailing charter that includes a snorkeling tour so you can enjoy Bermuda above and below its pristine waters.

How To Do It

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