The beauty of a tent is that it can be placed nearly anywhere in the world. It’s relatively hassle free, cheap, and lands you smack dab in the middle of nature. The problem? Not all of us like that rugged lifestyle. For those who prefer to ease themselves into the great outdoors or enjoy a more unique escape, this list is for you.

Glamorous camping, or glamping, came on the scene nearly 10 years ago and quickly transformed the industry. Now, campers can spend the night under the stars with all the amenities of a four-star hotel. Resort-like accommodations can be found all over the world, including African safaris, stunning seaside villas, and even remote desert hideaways. The only limit is your imagination — and your checkbook.

Here are some of our favorite extreme, classy, and remote camping experiences across the world.

Cliff Camping in Peru

Sacred Valley is pegged as one of the best hikes in the world and the area is quickly gaining notoriety for its cliffside escapes too. Whimsically billed as the only "million-star hotel" the glass pods at Skylodge Adventure Suites are suspended 400 feet above ground, giving overnight guests amazing views of the Andes cliffs and the riverbed below. The pods run about $1,000 a night and are large enough to fit up to four beds, a dining area and a semi-private bathroom (you are in a glass pod after all).

Rooftop Camping in Melbourne

If rooftop camping and glamping had a love child, it would be found at St. Jerome’s in Melbourne. The hotel specializes in unique accommodations — none of which can be found indoors. Instead, guests choose from 21 luxury canvas tents on the roof. Each tent has a double or queen-sized bed, an iPad pre-loaded with an assortment of movies and TV shows, and stunning 360-degree views of the city skyline.

Church Camping in England

I know what you're thinking, this isn't the dreaded church camp of your childhood. The brainchild of The Churches Conservation Trust, “church camping” guests are given exclusive access to some of England’s most historic churches from May through September, and for a good cause. The fees help cover the conservation and maintenance of these architectural marvels. In turn, guests are encouraged to live like monks in a way, taking their time to explore the grounds and, for once, not getting into trouble for sleeping in church.

Indoor Camping (for the Kids)

If you’re intrigued by the idea of camping but the kids aren’t willing to sacrifice their cushy digs just yet, indoor camping is a trend started by luxury hotels to attract families with young children, and it seems to be working. The kids learn the ropes — s’mores and campfire songs galore — without stepping foot outside. And no need to pack your sleeping bag. Most hotels, like the Four Seasons in Chicago, still provide a soft feather bed.

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Treetop Camping in Germany

The shimmery canopies that dot the treetops of Waldseilgarten Mountain Resort look like they’ve leapt straight off the pages of Peter Pan. Located in the heart of the German Alps, campers are provided a unique vantage point to one of the world’s prettiest landscapes and the chance to live out their childhood fantasies. To seal the deal, the only way to get in or out is by rope climbing. All the translucent tents are balanced from the deck of a port-a-ledge and secured to a sturdy tree. The best part? They will set you back just about $300 a night.