Walk with Maasai warriors in Kenya, glide down rivers in canoes alongside hippos and crocodiles in Zambia, get face to face with mountain gorillas in Uganda, sip a sundowner while watching the set over the endless plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania, even walk with elephants in the Botswana bush. Sanctuary Retreats offers a unique safari adventure that includes private camping and a variety of unique ways to experience the brush wherever you decide to go in Africa.

Private Camping

A safari with Sanctuary Retreats is a personalized and up-close way to get one on one with nature and the animals. The properties are small and exclusive with extraordinarily high levels of service. All are built and designed with the utmost respect for the environment and many can be packed up at a moment's notice without leaving the damaging the beautifully pristine lands. Private Camping is the cutting edge of responsible wildlife tourism as it leaves no permanent fixtures and allows the landscape to remain as undisrupted as when first found. Private luxury tents are pitched in select areas of Kenya and Tanzania with ideal vantage points, and then moved the next for a truly one of a kind African safari holiday. This allows for an intimate bush experience without leaving a footprint.

Unique Safari Types

Walking Safari - Accompanied by an experienced guide armed ranger, and tea bearer, a bush walking safari allows a complete sense of connection and appreciation for nature and the environment around. Gain an intimate knowledge of the ecosystem around you from the lowest level of insects and plants to the big game and indigenous people.

Hot Air Balloon Safari - Set against a postcard-perfect backdrop, your balloon takes off at sunrise and gently floats over the plains with perfect viewing of the plethora of game. After an hour of relaxation, land and enjoy a home cooked breakfast and glasses of bubbly to toast your flight. Hot Air Balloon Safaris can be enjoyed in Amboseli, Maasai Mara and Lake Elementeita in Kenya and in the Serengeti in Tanzania.

Private Air Safari - When in the Maasai Mara, you may fly by light aircraft to Lake Victoria and enjoy a full English breakfast on arrival at the islands of either Mfangano or Rusinga. Fish for the legendary giant Nile perch or explore the small islands. Or take the flight of a lifetime in a private bi-plane from golden era, with all the mod cons, performance and safety requirements of a modern aircraft. This open cock-pit aircraft can carry two passengers side-by-side while the pilot fly's from the rear giving the travelers the best vantage points around. Waco has a beautiful leather interior, the best music intercom system and a 3-way camera system that will enable passengers to take this once-in-a-life-time flying experience home.