Do your friends know you as a thrill seeker? Dare devil? Do you laugh in the face of danger? What about free falling from rock formations at precarious heights landing in questionable waters? Did I mention no cords or tandem experts? Cliff diving is a wild experience and has even been nicknamed 'tombstoning' so proceed with caution.

Read on to learn more about fabulous places around the world to drop it like it's hot for professionals and amateurs.

Photo Credit: joãokẽdal


La Rochelle, a historical and picturesque French town literally meaning 'little cliff,' has been hosting the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series for the past couple years. The world's best divers jump from the 138 foot high jail, St. Nicolas since 1345. Villers-le-Lac, another French town, is home to the highest cliff jump of 177 feet done by Oliver Favre-Bulle. He took the famous leap adding a double back somersault which left him severely injured. Favre luckily recovered and today organizes a diving stunt show.


Acapulco, Mexico has made the extreme sport of cliff diving world famous. Attention was brought to Acapulco in the 1950s when Raul Gomez leapt 87 feet into the ocean wearing a Timex watch to demonstrate its durability. The location is for experienced divers only because of the dangerous rocks and waters below. However, Acapulco is a beautiful place to capture a view and watch the professionals make their deadly plunges.

Photo Credit: Justin De La Ornellas


Hawaii is known for its tropical atmosphere, gorgeous beaches and great weather year round. The birthplace for cliff diving, records go as far back as King Kahekili's jump of 63 feet in 1770 in Kaunolu. Not up to that height? There are plenty of other spots across Hawaii, most on the Big Island. Southpoint Cliffs (30 to 50 ft high) with the volcanic rock and endless Pacific is a favorite for locals and if you're visiting, simply watching the divers is quite a treat.


Switzerland is known for magnificent places to jump. The country has hosted the World High Diving Federation (WHDF) Championship several times. Popular areas are located in Brontallo with cliffs up to 78 feet high. Despite the activity being seasonal, professional divers will brave the cold temperatures of Switzerland to test their will.


Being home to beaches, sunshine and ocean all over the country, Australia is a great destination for those trying to escape the cold. Australia has many locations to jump off cliffs for the adventurous spirit. Interestingly enough, most of these areas are not located on the coast but further inland on rivers and lakes. Kimberly, in Western Australia for example, is full of waterfalls, gorges and cliffs inland to take a glorious leap of faith.