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Getting married is one of the most momentous and exciting moments of many peoples’ lives. While some people are perfectly content to have a traditional ceremony at a church in their own local community, more and more people are turning to destination weddings to add a bit of pizzazz and excitement to the event. For decades, Las Vegas has been the destination of choice for those who want to hurry up and get married; thanks to its low costs and ample options, Las Vegas is a natural choice. However, there are plenty of other neat places to consider when you’re planning a wedding.

When it comes to getting hitched, just about anywhere will do. The specific place depends on the tastes of the couple in question. Adventurous types might want to base their wedding in a place like Mammoth Lakes, while beach lovers might want to consider a place along the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. Those looking for a bit of off-beat fun in their weddings might find a place like Austin, Texas to be their best option; the possibilities really are endless.

When planning a destination wedding, it helps to get a basic idea about what matters the most to you. If you’d like as many people to attend as possible, you shouldn’t hold it too far from home. If you’d like it to be just the two of you, your options will be a lot more diverse. Time of year is also important to keep in mind; if you want to get married in December, you might want to plan a ceremony for someplace that is warm during that time of year. A few of the more interesting places to have a wedding ceremony include:

Red Rock Canyon – Las Vegas, Nevada

Sure, there are plenty of casinos and wedding chapels where you can tie the knot in Las Vegas. However, if you’d like to enjoy the fun of getting a marriage license in the city – but don’t necessarily want to deal with the kitschy style of an honest-to-goodness Las Vegas ceremony – a small wedding in nearby Red Rock Canyon may be in order. You can hire a justice of the peace to officiate, and you and your honey can enjoy stunning views of the canyon while exchanging “I do’s.”

Wedding Chapel at the Preserve – Gatlinburg, Tennessee

There’s a reason that Gatlinburg is often referred to as the wedding capital of the south: Lots of people go there to get married. For those who live east of the Mississippi, it’s a lot closer than Las Vegas; in many ways, Gatlinburg is a lot more family friendly, too, which is a plus in many books. To get the most out of a wedding in Gatlinburg, you should visit a chapel that takes advantage of the natural splendor of the Great Smoky Mountains; Wedding Chapel at the Preserve is just such a place. Scenic views and an intimate setting make this a top choice.

Mammoth Mountain Resort – Mammoth Lakes, California

Couples who love to enjoy the great outdoors together should hightail it to Mammoth Lakes, California for a prime wedding spot. There are so many great, active things to see and do in this region; skiing is the most popular of them all, of course. Basing a wedding around the many attractions at Mammoth Lakes is a snap, and Mammoth Mountain Resort is one of the most convenient places to hold a wedding. Wedding guests can stay at the resort, and the actual ceremony can be held at several different premium spots. Looking back, you’ll be glad that you stayed true to your interests and held your ceremony in the majestic region of Mammoth Lakes.

A Wedding At Sea – Key West, Florida

Not everyone wants to have to board a cruise ship in order to enjoy a wedding at sea; thanks to the many great options in and around Key West, Florida, you don’t have to. Whether you choose a catamaran, a yacht or a schooner, there are plenty of seafaring vessels for hire where you can exchange your vows right out on the open ocean off of the shores of Key West. The Florida Keys are wonderfully romantic in their own right, and having a wedding there can get any marriage off to a phenomenal start.

The Palace of the Legion of Honor – San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a wonderful place to hold your nuptials, especially if you are a huge fan of this wonderfully diverse and interesting city. The Golden Gate Bridge is the most iconic structure in the San Francisco area, and by holding your ceremony at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, you can incorporate views of it into the event. There are also excellent views of the Bay and of San Francisco itself, which help lend an unforgettable dose of appeal and drama to any ceremony. If you love San Francisco, you simply can’t do better.

Leu Gardens – Orlando, Florida

Fun loving couples can incorporate fun at the major theme parks in the area with a truly stunning wedding ceremony by getting hitched at Leu Gardens in Orlando. This is one of the most elegant spots in the entire area for getting married, and it is conveniently located enough that you can still enjoy many other prime Orlando attractions. Amid a sumptuous area of blooming flowers and stunning plants, you can say “I do” and enjoy one of the most sophisticated and lovely wedding ceremonies imaginable.

Things to Consider

Getting married is a major step in anyone’s life, and it’s only natural to want every last detail to be absolutely perfect. Still, the primary thing to keep in mind is that your wedding ceremony should make you and your husband- or wife-to-be happy. Looking back, the two of you should be able to fondly recall many important details and events surrounding your ceremony. By choosing a spectacular location, then, you can ensure that the memories you make are as exciting and compelling as possible.