While you can travel across Switzerland via train or bus to take in the sights, hiking offers the best way to slowly view the beauty of this scenic country. No matter what your level of fitness, there’s a hike that will let you comfortably see the country on foot. We have 32 ideas organized by region that ensure you take home memories that will last a lifetime.

Photo Credit: Mariejirousek

St. Saphorin - Lutry (Lake Geneva Region)

Lavaux Vineyard Terraces: The Swiss Wine Route

This three-hour hike on the Vineyard Trail takes you from St. Saphorin to Lutry. Hike across terraces to take in the views over Lake Geneva. Along the way, discover local delicacies from pubs and wines from the cellars of winegrowers.

Montreux-Vevey Tourisme
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CP 1451
1820 Montreux
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Soubey - St. Ursanne (Neuchâtel / Jura / Bernese Jura)

Following the Doubs: The Swiss Water Trail

With France on one side and Switzerland on the other, this hike along the Doubs River takes you on a journey through a picturesque valley. The riverside path between Soubey and St. Ursanne ventures along almost untouched riverscape with fish taverns and swimming areas along the way.

Jura Tourisme
Place Roger Schaffter
2882 Saint-Ursanne
+41 (0)32 420 47 73

Nendaz (Valais)

The Irrigation Channels of Nendaz: The Historic Water Trail

Follow along historic water channels that quench the thirst of the steep Valais hillsides on this hike. The irrigation channels of this region help the farmers in this area water their crops. The suonen, or irrigation channels, are dug into the ground, hang from rocks or find a home carved from them.

Nendaz Tourisme
1997 Nendaz
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Photo Credit: Mariejirousek

Charmey – Gruyères (Fribourg Region)

Chemin du Gruyère: The Swiss Chocolate and Cheese Trail

This three-hour hike takes you on a journey between the spa baths of Charmey and the castle and cheese factory of Gruyeres. The hike is part of the Alpine Panorama Trail from SwitzerlandMobility. See the future nature reserve of Gruyere Pays-d’Enhaut, walk by the coves of the artificial lake Lac de Motsalvens and through the spectacular Jaunbach Gorge on this hike.

La Gruyère Tourisme
Rue du Bourg 1
Case postale 123
1663 Gruyères
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Bettmerhorn - Fiescheralp (Valais)

Aletsch Panoramaweg: The Swiss Glacier Trail

This four-hour hike along Europe’s longest glacier takes you through the Bettmerhorn mountain station to high above the Aletsch Glacier that leads toward Lake Märjelen. Flagstones make the mountain trail easily accessible.

Bettmeralp Tourismus
Postfach 16
3992 Bettmeralp
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Eigergletscher - Grindelwald (Bernese Oberland)

Eiger Trail: The Swiss Alpine Experience Trail

Rock climbers will love the routes on Eiger Trail, but for hikers, the view can be just as incredible from below. The two-hour Eiger Trail hike runs close to the vertically dropping rock face from the Jungfrau Railways’ Eigergletscher station to Alpiglen.

Grindelwald Tourismus
Dorfstrasse 110
Postfach 124
3818 Grindelwald
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Rütli - Bauen (Central Switzerland)

The Swiss Path: The William Tell Path

Take two days to discover 26 cantons along the Swiss Path around Lake Uri. Start with a three-hour panoramic hike in Rütli. Then climb up 850 steps to Seelisberg and its bathing lake. Then hike down to Bauen with its Mediteranean feel.

Seelisberg Tourismus
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6377 Seelisberg
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Bannalp - Engelberg (Central Switzerland)

Walenpfad: The Swiss Cableway Experience Trail

Explore central Switzerland in one of 100 cable railways that carry you up to some of the most beautiful hiking areas. Try the four-hour Walen Trail hike by staring in a 15-passenger cable railway to the Bannalp that ends with an open panorama cabin to Engelberg.

Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus AG
Klosterstrasse 3
6390 Engelberg
+41 (0)41 639 77 77

Sonogno - Lavertezzo (Ticino)

Sentiero Verzasca: The Swiss White Water Trail

For the culturally stimulated, the Swiss White Water Trail provides art from internationally renowned painters on a four-hour journey. Hike along the green river that winds its way through the Verzasca Valley with its arched Roman bridges. Between Sonogno and Lavertezzo you can find the “Sentiero per l’arte” (the Art Trail) tucked between mountains and valleys.

Tourist Office Tenero e Val Verzasca
Via al Giardino 3
6598 Tenero
+41 (0)91 745 16 61

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Champlönch - Il Fuorn (Graubünden)

National Park Trail: The Swiss Family Trail

Your kids will enjoy this hike with its virtual companions that accompany you along the way. Starting in Marchet, the new Champlönch Children’s Trail includes 10 virtual companions who appear at regular intervals on a hired GPS device. The two-and-a-half-hour hike includes a booklet with CD.

Schweizerischer Nationalpark
7530 Zernez
+41 (0)81 851 41 41

Photo Credit: Rosmarie Voegtli

Laax (Graubünden)

Senda Ruinaulta: The Swiss Rhine Gorge Route

Hike through the Swiss Rhine Gorge to see where the Vorderrhein has eaten 400 meters into the limestone cliffs of the Ruinaulta. Get a bird’s eye view of the valley on the lookout platform Il Spir.

Reservation Flims Laax Falera
Casa Prima
7032 Laax
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Schwägalp - Kronberg (Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein)

Appenzell Alpine Trail: The Swiss Flower Route

Schedule a hike along the Appenzell Alpine Trail during the early summer to experience the beauty of flowers in bloom. Behind you, the Alpstein massif with the dominant Mount Säntis dominates your view, while in front of you sits Appenzell hill country up to Lake Constance.

Appenzellerland Tourismus
Hauptgasse 4
9050 Appenzell
+41 (0) 71 788 96 41

Preda - Bergün (Graubünden)

Historic Railway Trail: From Preda to Bergün

Follow the Historic Railway Trail through 39 tunnels, 55 bridges and hike over 1,123 meters in altitude. This hike follows the Albula Line of the Rhaetian Railway between Thusis and St. Moritz.

Bergün Filisur Tourismus
Hauptstrasse 83
7482 Bergün/Bravuogn
+41 (0)81 407 11 52

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Splügen - Isola (Graubünden)

ViaSpluga: The mule track over the Splügen Pass

The 65-km ViaSpluga runs from Thusis through the Viamala Gorge, the Roffla Gorge and on stone paths over Splügen Pass to Chiavenna. Shorten the hike by starting in the Walser village of Splügen to Isola in Italy, where you’ll find the most beautiful historic remains of the mule track.

Gästeinformation Viamala
7435 Splügen
+41 (0)81 650 90 30

Malbun (Eastern Switzerland/Liechtenstein)

Fürstin Gina Path: Panoramic circular hike

View some of the stunning scenery in Liechtenstein along the Fürstin Gina Path. In 1989 the government of the Principality of Liechtenstein declared the entire Alp region of their country, except for the grazing areas, a plant conservation area. One of the most stunning views is the peak of the Augstenberg at 2,222 meters that overlooks the mountains of Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland.

Tourist Office Malbun
9497 Malbun
+423 263 65 77

Alt St.Johann (Eastern Switzerland/Liechtenstein)

Wildenmannlisloch Trail: Alt St.Johann Strichboden – Alp Selamatt

Start this hike with a ride on the Holzkistenbahn cable car from Starkenbach to Strichboden. From there, you can hike two hours on the Toggenburg alpine path to Alp Selamatt on a trail that keeps you below the zigzagging Churfirsten peaks. Along the way, you pass Wildenmannlisloch and its caves meant to explore.

Toggenburg Tourismus
9658 Wildhaus
+41 (0)71 999 99 11

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Basel - Kaiseraugst (Basel Region)

The Rheinpfad: From Basel to Kaiseraugst

For a view of the Rhine, take this easy hike between Basel and Kaiseraugst. You can explore the important economic and cultural spots along the way.

Basel Tourismus
Aeschenvorstadt 36
4010 Basel
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Üetliberg - Felsenegg (Zurich Region)

The Panorama Trail: From Üetliberg to Felsenegg

Start this hike by train to the top of Üetliberg 871 meters above Zurich. Take an easy hike high above Zurich that ends with a gondola ride on Felsenegg down to Adliswil, where the S-Bahn runs back to Zurich.

Zurich Tourismus
Im Hauptbahnhof
8021 Zürich
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Schaffhausen - Rheinau (Eastern Switzerland/Liechtenstein)

The Rheinfall waterfalls: From Schaffhausen to Rheinau

The ViaRhenana, one of Switzerland’s longest hiking trails, takes 10 days to cover. Along the way pass by the historic waterway between Untersee and Hochrhein. Or pick out a favor part of the hike and start in Schaffhausen for a four-hour hike to Rheinau to see its baroque monastery church.

Schaffhauserland Tourismus
Herrenacker 15
8201 Schaffhausen
+41 (0)52 632 40 20

Aarau - Schinznach-Bad (Schweizer Mittelland)

Aargauer Trail: From Aarau to Habsburg.

Along the secluded Aargauer Trail, see centuries old small towns nestled along the riverbank. Above, castles and palaces spot the landscape.

aarau info Verkehrsbüro
Schlossplatz 1
5000 Aarau
+41 (0)62 834 10 34

Lüderenalp - Mettlenalp (Schweizer Mittelland)

The Napf region: The Emmentaler ridge walk

This alpine hike takes you from the Lüderenalp on the Napf along a narrow path and past rustic inns. The Alps, the Mittelland and the Jura create the backdrop for this hike. At the summit, a imountain hotel awaits.

Tourismus Emmental
Bahnhofstrasse 44
3400 Burgdorf
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Grimsel - Handegg (Bernese Oberland)

ViaSbrinz: Grimsel Pass-Handegg mule track

This hike follows an old mule track from the Grimsel Pass to Handegg. Along the way you encounter the Kraftwerke Oberhasli power company where you can tour the facilities, view the region from the dam above the access tunnel or venture along the works railway.

Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG
3862 Innertkirchen
+41 (0)33 982 26 26

Photo Credit: Kosala Bandara

Griesalp - Oeschinen (Bernese Oberland)

Hohtürli: Griesalp-Oeschinen

This two-day hike starts with the steepest post bus route in Europe to Bundalp to the top of Hohtürli Pass and into the unique world of glaciers on the northern flank of Blüemlisalp. The second stage runs down to the paradise of Lake Oeschinen, where the cable car to Kandersteg awaits.

Col du Pillon - Sanetsch (Lake Geneva Region)

Quille du Diable: Glacier des Diablerets

Start this hike with a ride on a gondola cable railway up to almost 3,000 meters and into the futuristic mountain station. There you can find a glacier with a small amusement park. Hike along the Sanetsch Pass to find an alpine landscape with inns and their homemade fare.

Glacier 3000 Diablerets - Gstaad
Maison du Tourisme
1865 Les Diablerets
+41 (0)24 492 28 14

Schwarzenburg - Fribourg (Schweizer Mittelland)

The Way of St. James: Schwarzenburg-Fribourg

Venture along the trail walked by the Jakobspilger — the St. James pilgrims — since the Middle Ages. The pilgrimage leads to Santiago de Compostela. Along the way find the ViaJacobi, a five-hour walk from Schwarzenburg to Fribourg.

Tourismusinformation Schwarzenburg
Dorfplatz 22
3150 Schwarzenburg
+41 (0)31 731 13 91

Photo Credit: Martin Abegglen

Noiraigue (Neuchâtel/Jura/Bernese Jura)

Creux du Van: Round trip in the Val de Travers

Look down on the Creux du Van across Lake Neuchâtel, a natural amphitheater surrounded by a 500-meter wall. From high above on the ridge you can see this natural phenomena.

Tourisme neuchâtelois
Hôtel des Postes
Case postale 3176
2001 Neuchâtel
+41 (0)32 889 68 90

Mollendruz - Marchairuz (Lake Geneva Region)

Mont Tendre: From Mollendruz to Marchairuz

For a view of the Jura Vaudois Nature Reserve, try the Mont Tendre Trail. The five-hour hike starts in Col du Mollendruz to ascend 500 meters to Mont Tendre and back down to Col du Marchairuz. Once you’re in the Jura Vaudois Nature Reserve, you can explore the 523 kilometers of marked trails.

Genève - La Plaine

Sentier du Rhône: From the city on the Rhone River

Explore Geneva on foot with this hike along the Rhone and out into the countryside. Most of the trail follows the river bank, where you can find more than 70 animal species.

Genève Tourisme & Congrès
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1211 Genève 1
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Photo Credit: Diana Gurley McGaw

Zermatt (Valais)

Seenweg Zermatt: Blauherd-Lake Stelli-Riffelalp

In Zermatt, a network of trails scampers about high in the mountains. Take a cable car up to 3,000 meters to discover these hikes. In Blauherd, you can start a hike at 2,500 meters.

Zermatt Tourismus
Bahnhofplatz 5
Postfach 247
3920 Zermatt
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Acquacalda - Ritom (Ticino)

Passo del Sole: From Acquacalda to Lake Ritom

Hike from Acquacalda over the Passo del Sole to Lake Ritom you experience a diverse natural view of Switzerland. Stay at a simple albergo to savor these panoramic views.

Monte Lema - Monte Tamaro (Ticino)

Sentiero in Cresta: Monte Lema – Monte Tamaro

For a classic high-altitude hike, head to the ridge walk from Monte Lema to Monte Tamaro. The hike from Valle Levantina overlooks the surrounding valleys up into the Pennine Alps in the west and the Grisons Alps in the east.

Lugano Turismo
Palazzo Civico
Casella postale 6080
6901 Lugano
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Lugano (Ticino)

San Salvatore: High altitude trail to Morcote

View Lugano’s landmarks from Monte San Salvatore offers splendid views on all sides with its numerous hiking trails. The tour from the summit takes you through chestnut forests along the lake to Morcote. Get to the top with the railway that takes only 12 minutes to ascend 909 meters from Lugano-Paradiso.

Lugano Turismo
Palazzo Civico
Casella postale 6080
6901 Lugano
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