MIAMILAND. It's a name shrouded in mystery ahead of its upcoming unveiling later this month. But is it another man-made adventure experience? It has been teased as a theme park unlike any other, and it promises to be an immersive experience that “removes the guardrails to let you write your own adventure.”

We recently got an exclusive sneak peek at an announcement video for this mysterious attraction. It features stunning shots of nature (scenes that are miles away from what one thinks of when they hear “Miami”) as well as sound bites from Harold Bemis, MIAMILAND's "Chief Visionary." Check out the video below.

Whatever this MIAMILAND truly is, we’re excited about the idea of an experience that lets adventurers write their own rules; a welcome and a dare, perhaps. Coming from a state that is already host to so many theme park experiences, we wonder how this new one will compete. Though, judging from the little we have seen so far, it sounds like they have something completely new to offer.

This sneak peek certainly adds to the intrigue of what could prove to be a highly cultivated, tech-meets-nature experience. Our only question is, what else is hiding in MIAMILAND? Genetically modified wildlife? Lab-grown flora? If so, it certainly looks like it could be the most highly-engineered reality to us.

We can say with certainty, though, we can hardly wait to uncover what MIAMILAND is all about and finally see what is behind this curtain down in Miami.

As soon as MIAMILAND is unveiled, we'll be sure to let you know every single detail about it, as we hope to be among the first to explore it. So, stay tuned...

In the meantime, what do you think MIAMILAND could possibly be? What intrigues you the most? Be sure to let us know your thoughts and any theories you have by engaging with us on social media using the #MIAMILAND.