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If heaven on Earth is what you’re looking for, Mauritius is the paradise you'll want to explore. A small island off the southeast coast of Africa, this destination boasts hidden gems, natural wonders and big adventures unlike few other places in the world. Thanks to near-constant warm weather and sunshine, visitors can relax and explore in true style and luxury year-round, too. Whether you're seeking a great meal, a big adventure or an epic shopping day, here's a handy guide for the top experiences in Mauritius.

Photo by Grey Hutton

Countless Wonders

Its sugar white beaches may be the main attraction, but there are countless waterfalls and mountains to uncover farther inland, including a place where the sand is seven different colors. Located in the small village of Chamarel, The Seven Coloured Earth is a natural phenomenon on the island of Mauritius. Due to a mix of minerals converted from volcanic lava, hues of red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow can all be seen in the dunes. To add to the magical effect, the colors seem to change in different lights, especially at sunrise. For an unbelievable sight, pick up a handful of sand and mix the colors – eventually the colors will separate back into their respective colors on the spectrum. Don't forget to visit the nearby Chamarel Waterfall afterward either.

Photo by Bamba Sourang

Fine Dining Redefined

Taking advantage of its unique location in the Indian Ocean and its access to so many fresh spices and flavors, Mauritius has an incredible combination of cuisines. A blend of Creole, Chinese, European and Indian influences, it’s common to experience many different flavors in one dish. French specialities such as bouillon, daube and coq au vin and Indian dishes like curries, chutney and pickles are popular throughout the island, especially when given a unique Mauritian flavor. A must-try cuisine and the national dish of Mauritius, Dholl puri is a yellow split-pea pancake that is cooked on a griddle and filled with cari gros pois (bean curry) and Mauritius’ famous rougaille, a spicy sauce of sweet tomatoes, thyme, garlic and ginger. Visit Dewa & Sons for the best Dholl puri on the island — your taste buds will surely thank you later!

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What a Catch!

Due to the nature of the seabed, the island is considered to be one of the world’s big game, deep sea fishing destinations. Experienced boat crews and guides will help travelers of any level – beginner or advanced – through the entire process as they revel in the exhilaration of landing a big catch. There are even chefs that will cook your fish, like Mahi Mahi or tuna, in the privacy of your own accommodation afterward! To get the most out of the experience, the best time for deep sea fishing is during Mauritius’ summer from October to April. A few of the most popular fishing spots include le Morne, the Black River and Tamarin on the southwestern coast.

Photo by Bamba Sourang

Find Your Adventure

Besides deep sea fishing, many other adventure activities are waiting for you. Mountain biking, hiking and countless water sports make Mauritius a haven for the fit and active adventurers, but you can also find more laid-back, luxurious tours, like horseback riding on the beach or private boat cruises along the coast. Farther inland, there are great golf courses – seven to be exact – with the best being Golf du Chateau. The opportunity to try something new or do something you love is in your reach because, realistically, this island has it all.

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Shopping Mecca

What's a good vacation without a souvenir or two? Le Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis, the first major shopping development in Mauritius, offers more than 170 stores. However, the shopping experience doesn’t just end at clothing. Discover all of your heart’s desires from sports equipment to jewelry, and from books to body care, then take a stroll along the harbor, stop for a drink try a hand in the casino, catch a movie or support specialty shops at the Craft Market touting local artists and designers as well as novel goods like replica ships and Indian garments. As an added bonus, coming December 2018, the Caudan Arts Centre will host conferences, plays and operas to further add to the elegance and luxuriousness of the island.