New Orleans is a town like none other in the United States. From the southern charm and culinary scene to the incredible architecture and music offered, you can visit each year and never run out of options. If you’re anything like me, choosing a hotel is never easy. The research & reviews are endless and the incredible options in New Orleans make it that much more difficult to finally choose. That is why your best bet is to save your time and realize that The Windsor Court is the place to stay each & every time you visit.

The property recently completed a $15 million renovation included modernizations to the property and its 316 guest rooms and suites. They persevered the hotel’s magnificent architectural features and warmth, while adding modern conveniences, private balconies, afternoon tea, live jazz, a luxury spa and so much more that has contributed to transforming the hotel into a one-of-a-kind historic hotel experience. Nothing can start your vacation day better than a great breakfast and The Grill Room at The Windsor Court does not disappoint. A local newspaper, a cup of coffee, and a host of Southern breakfast options are the perfect way to start any morning. We took full advantage and made sure to indulge with beignets, a crawfish and andouille omelet and some grits. We ended each evening dropping in at The Polo Club for a night cap. With a very private English club vibe and nightly jazz, it wasn’t always easy to get back to our room.

Windsor Court’s beautiful interior, lounge, café and amazing Spa complement your stay even further, as you can spend countless hours on property. That said, the warmest part of our stay at the hotel was the team there that make you feel like you’re family. While never overbearing, the employees share stories and make you feel like you’re the only guests in town. In a city with so much to do and so many dining options, having a team to bounce around ideas with was a welcome scene compared to other hotels these days that rarely offer the quality time and advice needed.

Hotel guests congregate in various rooms throughout the hotel including the beautiful lobby area, Café Anglais, Le Salon or just relaxing on your private balcony. It’s always special to chat with other travelers about their travel experiences and having the opportunity to do that in such a beautiful setting throughout the hotel, including the saltwater rooftop pool when weather permits, is what dreams are made of.

The Windsor Court is truly a hotel that I will visit repeatedly, as it has something for everyone including history and warmth you simply don’t find too often these days. Centrally located within a 10-minute walk of Bourbon Street, the refined elegance permeating throughout The Windsor Court makes you feel transported to a world from long ago when service and standards were at a high with everlasting memories that you can dream about. Learn more and book today at