The Party Capital of the USA has something for everyone, especially when it comes to alcohol. While the selections are diverse, the sizes really aren’t. In Las Vegas, big gulp takes on a new meaning with cocktails ranging from your standard 16 ounces all the way up to 100 ounces sure to pack a punch. Whether you’re craving a "fun sized" slushy, a punch bowl, or simply a shot to do the trick, sip on these these boozy, frozen delights as you wander the Strip.

The Mega Slushy

If Vegas had a signature cocktail, the mega slushy would be it as nearly everyone walking the Strip is clutching one of the nearly two-foot tall drinks in hand. It’s obvious why: they’re a fun way to pregame and a refreshing way to cool off from that famous desert heat. Plus, they’re perfect for sharing (if you’re into that sort of thing). You can find the slushies in various colors, flavors and sizes (including a 100-ounce yard) at one of many Fat Tuesday walk-up bars on the main drag or inside the Caesars Palace at a place appropriately named Numb.

Adult Milkshakes

Leave it to Las Vegas to make a classic childhood favorite suitable for adult interests. A blending of liqueur, ice cream and candy, adult milkshakes are a personal favorite among late-night partiers looking for a little pick-me-up before heading to bed. While Holestein’s Shakes and Buns inside The Cosmopolitan is one of the places to snag one, but the Irish Jib from Todd English Pub in the Aria is also worth seeking out. Made with Guinness ice cream, Jameson, and Bailey’s Irish Cream, this drink will make you say “Kiss me, I’m Irish” in no time.

Up Your Mojito Game

Cool refreshers aren't limited to poolside bars. Located in front of the entrance to Caesars Palace and kitty corner to the Absinthe show tent, the Spanish Steps are iconic and easy to find. Even better, lines are rarely long early in the afternoon. Although it’s tempting to want to waste away the day at the bar, head for the Mojito Hut. Their signature mojitos aren’t your standard mint and rum drinks. Instead, they're muddled with chunks of dragon fruit, blackberries and strawberries that pack a fruity punch. You’ll love it, so do yourself a favor and order the 24-ounce.

Take a Gamble

As it turns out, you don’t have to be a highroller to enjoy the finer things in life in Sin City. Most casinos offer free drinks to gamblers. All you have to do is sit down at a slot machine or throw a few bucks on a table and wait for the waitress to arrive. Once your drink arrives and you’ve played a game or two, you can give them a small tip and be on your merry way.

Get Your Sugar Fix

Sugar Factory is a Las Vegas favorite and not just for youngsters craving a sugar high. The chain is set to open its largest location yet, but until it does, we’ll settle for the fishbowl cocktails inside the Miracle Mile Shops beside Planet Hollywood. The famous lollipop maker caters to adults with 60-ounce drinks in custom candy flavors like Jolly Rancher. And, yes, they're usually garnished with candy. For five bucks more, you can add liquid nitrogen to create a unique effect that'll ensure you look smokin' as you strut down the Strip.