This fairytale tunnel is one of Japan’s most colorful gems. The photos make it look like something out of a film set, but rest assured, it is a real passageway in a real garden in Southern Japan. If you're keen on getting touched by the magic, here's how:

The Experience

Walking through the flower mantle tunnel throws one’s imagination into an absolute frenzy - suddenly it’s easy to picture fairies floating among the wisterias,and princesses blissfully strolling along beside you. The Wisteria Tunnel is an enchanting place, full of wonder and majesty.

Where is It?

Kawachi Fuji Wisteria Gardens is in Kitakyushu, Japan. A five-hour train trip from Tokyo, the ride is on one of their ultra modern high-speed bullet trains with plenty of amenities and comfort. From there, Nishetetsu bus #56 will take you to Kawachi Elementary School, where you will walk 5-10 minutes to the gardens.

About the Gardens

The Kawachi Fuji Gardens have over 150 flowering wisteria plants, which bloom in brilliant shades of pinks, violets, and blues. They create a bright pastel spectrum, cascading from the tunnel’s ceiling, creating a canopy where visitors can wander and dream. Wisteria is a member of the pea family, and has been widely used in gardens throughout the ages for its majestic hanging flowers and beautiful pigmentation.

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How to Do It

To avoid disappointment, make sure you visit during peak bloom season, which is April and early May. Typically the true peak occurs at the end of April, when they host the “Fuji Matsuri” or “Wisteria Festival.” This is a celebration of the magical flowering vine that makes the Wisteria Tunnel so extraordinary, and the perfect time to mingle in the bewitching Japanese gardens.