Everyone's got a list. Call it a bucket list, a must-do list, or a list of goals, we've all got places we dream of seeing. And, these days, "we come, we see, we selfie" seems to be the motto. So, here's our list of top spots in Europe, the best "I've been there" pictures, from the best panoramic views to funky street art. We've included classics like the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and those a bit more off the beaten path for more inquisitive explorers. Happy snapping!

Photo Credit Konstantin Tilberg via FlickR

Any Bridge - London

The River Thames and its many bridges provide the perfect backdrop in the British capital of cool. Whether you have the London Bridge in the background, or the pretty Chelsea Bridge, the shot is a guaranteed to be a hit with your Instagram followers.

Photo Credit UpSticksNGo Crew via Flickr

Villa Borghese - Rome

Oozing romance, Rome's Villa Borghese park has a great spot overlooking Eternal City (Pincio viewpoint) that's perfect for capturing the city's panoramic backdrop. Once you get your snap, rent a cycle powered go-cart, or a family sized pedal car to explore! The park is also home to the zoo and the Borghese museum.

Photo Credit Guilhem Vellut via Flickr

Keukenhof - The Netherlands

Keukenhof or the Kitchen garden is also known as the Garden of Europe. Set in Lisse, it’s home to 7 million flower bulbs spread over a whopping 79 acres. Due to the popularity of budding photographers attempting to stage Vincent van Gogh's famous portrait, the Gardens has actually opened a new "selfie garden" complete with mirrors and frames to help you out. Tulip lovers should plan on visiting the blooms in mid-April.

Photo Credit Nine LaMaitre Via Flickr

The Giant's Causeway - Ireland

A few miles from the town of Bushmills at the Northeastern tip of Northern Ireland, lies impressive and beautiful World Heritage site called the Giant's Causeway. 40,000 interlocking basalt columns created after an ancient volcanic eruption lapped at by the wild sea, it doesn’t get more picturesque than this.

Photo Credit Leo Gonzales via Flickr

Street Art - Berlin

Embrace Berlin’s hip and creative street art scene by taking home a memento featuring your face and the graffiti that has become one of the city's most popular mediums. Prefer to take the cultural route? Checkpoint Charlie is a favorite with tourists and history buffs. The name given by the Western Allies to the well-known Berlin Wall crossing during the Cold War, the real site officially closed in 1990, but a replica stands in the iconic spot.

Photo Credit Eleazar via Flickr

The Eiffel Tower - Paris

As cheesy as it may sound, if you’re looking for that iconic Paris selfie, the Eiffel Tower wins every time. If you're looking for other spots to lock lips in the City of Love, well, we have some ideas for that too.

Photo Credit Andy Hay via Flickr

The Leaning Tower of Pisa - Pisa

Everyone loves a little kitsch and you can’t beat Italy's famous tilt for a photo opportunity. The 183-foot bell tower of the cathedral has become known all over the world and spurred a never-ending stream of hilarious pics so great creative with it!

Photo Credit Picturepest via Flickr

Skyscrapers - Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s skyline is best admired from the observation deck of the Main Tower. For just 6.50 euros, you can take the elevator up to the 56th floor which boasts the city's best vantage point. While you're prepping for your pic, make sure to account for the wind as it gets plenty blustery up there.

Photo Credit Comité Régional du tourisme PACA via Flickr

Calanques - Marseille

One of France’s better hidden gems, the "calanques" (the Occitan word for "inlet"), is an area of outstanding natural beauty, providing ideal light and breathtaking backdrops. Hike down into the limestone cliffs and be rewarded with Caribbean-like settings, remote beaches and beautiful clear waters just outside Marseille.

Photo Credit Susanne Nilsson via Flickr

Råbjerg Mile - Denmark

Sea, sand and plenty of light, the migrating coastal dune between Skagen and Frederikshavn in Denmark is the perfect spot for brilliant photography. Beaches (and deserts!) both offer a blank yet beautiful natural canvas. If you want to avoid the crowds, come in the off-season.

Photo Credit Rowena Carr-Allinson

Mikla Rooftop Bar - Istanbul

Perched on top of the Marmara Pera building, Mikla is home to one of Turkey's trendiest restaurants and a swanky rooftop bar (complete with live DJ). Set on the European side of the Bosphorus, it offers the best views over the entire city and beyond to Asia that are best captured at sundown.