If you're looking for a destination that really does have it all, set your sights on the booming city of Dubai. The province and city of more than two million is bursting at the seams with over the top restaurants, cafes, and eateries that will wow you and — in some cases — even shock you.

Skyview Bar

Indulgence is a big part of life in Dubai and nowhere is that more apparent than on the 27 th floor of the Burj Al Arab. You can get a basic gin and tonic, but the $4,000 whisky is more what they're known for. A Macallan single malt that's been aged 55-years, the bottle once held the title of world’s most expensive drink -- cheers to knowing you're drinking like a baller.

Chillout Ice Lounge

Sometimes it feels like the only way to escape the record high desert temps is to literally sit in an ice box. The Chillout Lounge is the first ice lounge to open in the Middle East, where, yes, everything is made of ice. Guests are given special thermal clothing to wear and chill in style, but if the iced drinks, seats, and tables are too much for you, you can order a cup of hot cocoa from the bar instead.

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Majlis Dubai

As far as the UAE is concerned, the Europeans can keep their fancy bon bons and truffles, because camel milk chocolate is all the rage. The chocolate has a distinct salty taste that complements the richness of the chocolate for ultimate sweet tooth indulgence. Available at the Majlis camel milk café, which has locations all over the city (including in the Dubai Mall), you'll find items like camel milk coffee, ice cream, and desserts. Be sure to take home a few camel-shaped chocolates as a souvenir.

Sketch Art Cafe

Sip and Strokes wine and paint shops have taken off across the United States, but in Dubai a place like the Sketch Art Café is almost revolutionary. The café itself is located within a popular art gallery called Marsam Mattar, which offers art-themed treats and coffee. If you're feeling inspired, pick up a pencil and sketch book and document your trip on paper.

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Spice Souq

Located in one of the oldest sections of the city, the Spice Souq has traditional fare like dried fruits and, of course, spices that most tourists would expect to find. Beyond the stalls piled high with cinnamon, saffron, and rose petals, visitors can wander into the fish, meat, and veggie market, where camel heads and delicacies like cow brains are proudly displayed.