Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth, Alberta is as vast as it is varied in landscapes and activities. Western Canada’s home of the Rocky Mountains, explore glaciers, ice fields, bio reserves, and badlands in this massive province – just remember to breathe.

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Your final footstep crunches beneath you as you come to a stop at the lookout. Alberta’s infinite variety of landscapes provides unforgettable treks to satisfy every hiker’s wanderlust. Hop on a hoodoo. Discover high mountain passes, meadows blanketed in flowers and watch for wildlife. Encounter avalanche paths, remote mountain lakes, cirques and glaciers that most people never see. When you’re in Alberta, you’re walking on top of the world.

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The glassy stillness of the lake reflects the tree-lined shore and the snowcapped peaks beyond. You pick your favorite fly pattern and cast your line. An electrifying jolt courses through you as a trophy fish strikes. Your line screams off your reel. Suddenly a blinding flash of silver explodes through the surface, sparkling in the morning sun. With lakes, rivers and streams numbering in the thousands in Alberta, moments like these are yours to catch.

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Horseback Riding

Beyond your horse’s ears, the tall golden grass stretches to indigo peaks on the horizon. Breathe in the sweet scent of pines on the alpine breeze. As you gallop toward a marshy streambed, your horse cocks his head and his nostrils flare. Heeding his hint, you slow to watch a moose stepping into the sunlight, her calf at her flank. Experience the Canadian Rocky Mountains from the saddle and release your inner cowboy.

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Train Trips

Moving through the Canadian Rockies, you gasp as you see a bighorn sheep gazing stoically from his granite perch. While the train hugs the side of a cliff, river rapids raging below, you take in the majestic views through full-length glass domed windows. Then your gourmet meal appears, prepared by a world-renowned chef. Experience the wilderness of Alberta from the comfort of a glass-domed rail car.

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Dino Exploration

Stand amidst twisted pinnacles of rock. Gaze at the wind-scraped barren landscape of the badlands where the Red Deer River cuts deeply into the ancient river delta. 75 million years ago, Dinosaur Provincial Park was a subtropical paradise filled with towering redwoods, palm trees and giant ferns. Today it’s famous for fossil finds waiting to be uncovered.

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Where else can you yell “Fore!” to the elk in the rough, while playing a world class course among towering mountains? Up north, long summer evenings mean hitting the links until eleven. Whether you tee off from the top of a butte or a prairie green, golfing in Alberta is a memorable experience. With hundreds of courses to choose from, neophytes and experts alike will find their 18 holes of paradise here.

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After taking in the view from your table, close your eyes and savor the flavor explosion of juicy grilled beef so tender you can cut it with a fork. Exquisite fine dining experiences abound here, with edible treasures to gratify even the most discerning palates. Relish delectable local specialties like top-grade beef, bison, elk and Alberta’s famous cocktail, the Caesar. Bite into Alberta’s dining scene and treat your senses to a feast.

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Festivals and Events

Step out in Alberta and chances are your toes will start tapping, with festivals around the province. In the mood for music? Feel the folk in Edmonton or satisfy your country craving in Camrose. Theatrically inclined? Calgary has Shakespeare In The Park. Hungry? We have several wine and food events throughout the year. Designed to delight merrymakers of every age, from blooming flowers to the onset of winter, any excuse for a celebration will do.

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After a day spent in motion in Alberta’s wilderness, you finally pause to watch a dazzling sunset. Then you hear crickets begin their evening serenade. The fresh scent of the forest mingles with smoke from the campfire. With the picnic table set and dinner on, it’s easy to bond with friends and family. Camping is a quintessential Alberta tradition that's as close to nature as it gets.

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Sipping a cocktail under twinkling city lights, you’re ready for a nighttime adventure in Alberta. Should you two-step your way through a saloon or let a nightclub’s electronic dance beats pulse through you? Go to an intimate performance at a lounge or see a stadium concert? The range of venues is as varied as the mountain ranges. Taking another sip of your drink, it hits you. You don’t have to choose just one.