Photo Credit: David Schiersner

Germans have long been in love with cycling, with trails crisscrossing the countryside and making cycling an easy way to travel between some of the country’s most scenic sites. In Frankfurt Rhine-Main, the Main and Rhine rivers provide a picturesque setting for your cycling tour, with beautiful river views, historic castles and vineyards along the route.

The region is home to the Main Biking Trail, the first route to be classified five stars by the German Cyclists’ Federation. This 600-kilometer trail is clearly marked, with exemplary signposting, beautiful scenery and cyclist-oriented accommodations along the route.

The trail starts in Bayreuth, and leads past charming villages like Seligenstadt, one of Germany’s oldest towns with traditional half-timbered houses; castles including the Philippsburg Castle in Hanau and the Johannisburg Castle in Aschaffenburg; and the historic leather production center of Offenbach.

You’ll peddle past Frankfurt’s dramatic skyline, and then see the contrast as you pass the fertile vineyards in Hochheim. Stop to relax at the impressive Kurhaus of Wiesbaden, the convention center at the heart of Hesse’s capital city, where you can visit the theater or the casino. Pushing onward, discover the vast, enchanting forests of the Taunus, Spessart, or Vogelsberg regions. You can bike all the way to the romantic Rhine Valley, make sure to visit Bingen and Rüdesheim – two half-timbered towns idyllically situated on each side of the Rhine River. The famous “Mice Tower” of Bingen is situated in the middle of the river, a special landmark that should not be missed.

Photo Credit: Travis Nobles

Frankfurt Rhine-Main’s forests set the perfect outdoor backdrop for families, mountain bikers, casual cyclists and hikers. The hiking trails and cycling paths are open year-round, and offer beautiful scenery and panoramic views.

Take, for example, the Volcano Cycle Trail. It follows the path cut by the old Oberwaldbahn railway line, through the woods and meadows of Central Europe’s largest extinct shield volcano. Offering beautiful views of the German countryside, it meets the Fulda Cycle Trail at Schlitz. Measured from beginning to end, the Volcano Cycle Trail is 58 miles, perfect for a day trip for the cycling enthusiast.

Another trail that leads amongst old railroad tracks is the Bahnradweg cycle trail, a collection of biking routes with a total length of 152 miles. Winding through the Vogelsberg and Rhon area, it offers a longer, but equally scenic setting for a leisurely ride.