Experience an extraordinary adventure to one of the most isolated and remote places on Earth – Easter Island. Uncover the mysterious history of this breathtaking locale as you enjoy small-group exploration of the scenery, history, and culture of the island and its Rapa Nui people under the guidance of resident archaeologists. Stand within feet of the iconic Moai statues as you hypothesize about their unknown origins and purpose, which mystifies researchers to this day. This journey to the UNESCO World Heritage Site surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean and the captivating story of the island and its people will stay with you for years to come. Journey Pace: Active

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Starts any day except Mondays. January to December

6 days from $2995.00

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Day 1

Arrive Santiago, Chile

Welcome to Santiago. You are met on arrival at Santiago airport, and taken to your hotel in the center of this scenic city. The majestic Andean Mountain Range anchors the city and can be seen from almost anywhere in town.

This afternoon discover Santiago, the capital of Chile, which is alive with fascinating architecture, a dynamic economy, rich history and natural beauty. Santiago contains evocative remains of its colonial past set alongside ultramodern, high-rise buildings. It has a bustling business district that exists alongside boulevards of street vendors and local artisans selling their wares. Visit San Cristobal Hill, a beautiful park featuring a monumental sculpture of the Virgin Mary.

Day 2

Santiago & Easter Island

This morning, fly 2,300 miles west to the most remote inhabited island on Earth — Easter Island. This tiny volcanic triangle, surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean, is an archaeological treasure of ancient stone villages, open-air sanctuaries and giant statues called moai. You are met upon arrival on Easter Island, and taken to your accommodations. ​(B)

Day 3 & 4

Easter Island

Since its discovery by Dutch admiral Jacob Roggeveen on Easter Sunday 1722, this isolated piece of land with its vast mysterious collection of prehistoric monuments, has been the focus of intense debate. The island’s tall and immensely heavy statues were carved from dense volcanic tuff, transported for miles to the coast, and raised onto great stone altars called ahu. How they were carved and moved is still a mystery.

Relax and enjoy two full days of exploration.

Sightseeing is done in small groups (maximum 8 people), led by resident archaeologists who have studied, excavated and restored many of Easter Island’s unique monuments. They will relate the history and myths that tell the story of this island and its people. Your choice of activities each day can vary depending on your specific interests and abilities. The variety of walks offered range from easy to difficult, some concentrating on scenery, some on history and culture and some on a bit of everything.

Among the most interesting sites to visit are:

Togariki Ahu - 15 standing moais at the largest excavated and restored monument in Polynesia

Rano Raraku - a spectacular stone quarry from which the moai were cut. There are nearly 300 giant carvings that were abandoned in various stages of completion in the mid-17th century

Rano Kau Crater - the interior of this once-active, massive volcano, and offers panoramic views of the ocean

Orongo ceremonial site – at Rano Kau Crater, this is an ancient ceremonial site dedicated to the island’s mysterious Bird Man cult ​(B,L,D)

Day 5

Easter Island & Santiago

Enjoy your last morning relaxing or exploring the local village of Hangaroa a community alive with fishermen, swimmers and surfers.

This afternoon fly from Easter Island to Santiago, arriving late evening. You are met upon arrival, and are taken back to your Santiago hotel. ​(B)

Day 6

Santiago & Depart

This morning tour the Los Dominicos Craft Center, a renovated convent that is a unique Chilean shopping experience. It is a cozy labyrinth of more than 150 artisan and antique shops, cafés and a restored church. The center offers the most complete selection of crafts, arts and local products in Chile.

You have your hotel room until 6:00 pm, when you will be transferred to the airport for your late evening flight home or to your next destination.

NOTE: Due to the late evening departure times, flights to the USA arrive the next day. (B)


Lastarria Boutique Hotel, Santiago

The Lastarria Boutique Hotel was built in 1927 and has since been renovated and transformed into an outstanding boutique hotel. From historical architecture to exquisite customer service, guests are sure to find every need met during their stay. The Lastarria is located in the heart of bohemian Santiago and is just minutes away from fine dining, cafés, museums and cinemas, as well as several tourist attractions such as the Baquedano Subway station. Guests can also indulge in the Hotel Lounge where chefs prepare delightful meals with local products and servers offer a selection of Chile'’s best wines.

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa, Hangaroa

This newly opened hotel features an architectural design that is a tribute to the village of Orongo, whose vestiges are still found in the heights of volcano Rano Kau. The village concept allows for a harmonious relationship between the spaces, interlocked by a landscape design of native species, where one can appreciate the blend of nature and the built environment and the surrounding ancient culture that is still very alive today. All rooms are built with natural materials like cypress logs, clay and volcanic rock, offering guests a dip in the Rapa Nui habitat, inspired by "the cave" offering curved spaces, islander style. All are equipped with the latest technology that controls the water and electricity consumption, air temperature and, minimize noise and electromagnetic fields. The hotel also has a spa with four cave like treatment rooms, and a sand sauna, that uses ancient native cleansing techniques of body and spirit. The Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa sits on a privileged spot within Easter Island, along the main road in town, with a panoramic view of the ocean, one km from the airport and walking distance to town all of which allows you to easily explore the local community.

Posada de Mike Rapu, Rapa Nui

The stunning lodge of Posada de Mike Rapu was the first in South America to obtain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the United States Green Building Council. The lodge, which opened in December 2007, was built on 9.6 hectares (23.7 acres) of land situated on a hill in the Te Miro Oone area, overlooking the ocean. This is in south-eastern Rapa Nui, 8 kilometers (4.9 miles) from Hanga Roa, the most populated part of the island. All of the 30 rooms, which extend to the north and south from a central building, have excellent ocean views. The lodge has welcoming indoor spaces which integrate aspects of the local culture.   

Hanga Roa Hotel, Easter Island

Located just a few minutes from the airport, each bungalow at the Hanga Roa Hotel has an ocean view. The largest hotel on the island, it has a cozy bar, restaurant, and small gift shop. Laundry service and room service are available. Each guestroom features a color TV, small refrigerator, direct dial telephone, small patio, and private bath with hairdryer. Rooms are open to ocean breezes and equipped with fans.