From this land, the first humans are believed to have risen, moving across the globe and taking civilization with them. Ancient buildings and monuments . . . enduring tribal rituals . . . food and music that seem to come from the land, itself. This one-time-only 2016 Anniversary Journey is not to be missed. Journey Pace: Active & Challenging

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16+17 days from $12990.00

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Day 1+2

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We begin our time in this ancient country with a visit to ‘Lucy,’ the 3.2-million-year-old remains of what may be our earliest known human ancestor. We celebrate our Welcome Dinner with traditional Ethiopian music.

Day 3+4

Bahir Dar

From this tropical lakeside city, we visit tiny Tis Abay, the source of the Blue Nile River and thundering Blue Nile Falls.

Day 5+6


From historic and modern-day villages to 17th century castles and palaces, including the Baths of King Fasiledes**, we immerse ourselves in Ethiopia’s past and present. We will experience some of Africa’s most dramatic scenery in Simien Mountains National Park**.

Day 7+8


The rock-hewn churches** here are carved from stone monoliths, seeming to rise from the earth, itself. We will also learn the secrets of Ethiopian cooking in this ‘Land of Milk and Honey.’

Day 9


This, Ethiopia’s oldest and holiest city, is thought to be the birthplace of the Queen of Sheba.

Day 10+11


Guests continuing for the 17-Day Journey will travel to Lagano, stopping to visit the engraved, standing stelae of Tiya**.

Day 12

Arba Minch

The famous beehive houses of the Dorze tribe welcome us after a short drive to Chencha, where we will see their historical weaving skills and unique terraced farming at work.

Day 13

Konso & Jinka

The tribespeople of Konso Tribal Village** share their unique pagan culture and traditions, as they have practiced unchanged for generations.

Day 14+15

Mago National Park & Turmi

In Mago National Park, we visit the Mursi people, immediately recognizable by the large wooden disks women insert into their lower lips. We also visit the social Hamer people and the Karos, both of whom practice scarification and wear elaborate hair styles.

Day 16+17

Debre Zeit

We return to Addis Ababa from Turmi, where we will take an afternoon flight to Debre Zeit. In this beautiful resort setting, we will celebrate our Farewell Dinner and prepare for our flights home the following day.

​** UNESCO World Heritage Site


Sheraton Addis, Addis Ababa

The Sheraton Addis Hotel is located in the center of Addis Ababa and is a sanctuary of Ethiopian grandeur, where a landscape of vibrant greens and colorful wildflowers meets the African sky. Experience an exceptional level of personal service at the Sheraton Addis Hotel. From glittering pools with enchanting underwater music to an indulgent menu of soothing massages at the hotel's Aqva Club to a large variety of restaurants with sophisticated options to dine and socialize, the Sheraton Addis Hotel delights all the senses. The Gaslight Night Club located in the hotel is one of Addis Ababa's greatest nightlife places. Guests can explore beautiful Ethiopian art throughout the hotel which launched a yearly art exhibition called "Art of Ethiopia" to help young Ethiopian artists to showcase their artwork and contribute funds to local art schools in Addis Ababa.

Kuriftu Resort & Spa, Bahir Dar

Located on the shores of Ethiopia’'s largest lake just 10 minutes from Bahir Dar Airport, Kuriftu Resort & Spa offers comfortable accommodation and hospitality. Designed with a clever blend of native Ethiopian architecture and décor, this Lakeside resort boasts 28 guest rooms in individual bungalows facing either the expanse of Lake Tana or set among some of the lovely tropical gardens. All the rooms are furnished in Ethiopian style with traditional yet modern beds and furniture. All are handsomely appointed with every modern comfort, including flat-screen TV. Refreshment centers are amply stocked. But at the end of the day, it'’s about a good night'’s sleep. So slip in between the sheets of the sumptuously comfortable beds to ease your path to dreamland -– but when you awake, remember to visit the Ethiopian Classic Spa!

Mayleko Lodge, Gondar

The hotel is located in the historic city of Gondar, near the University of Gondar. Facilities and services include a business center with complimentary Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, fitness center, steam room & sauna, beauty salon, and gift shop. There is a full service restaurant and lounge. The 60 guest rooms are large with a flat screen TV, coffee/tea maker, Wi-Fi access and a hairdryer.

Maribela Hotel, Lalibela

Lalibela is generally regarded as Ethiopia's greatest attraction. Staying at Maribela Hotel can make all the difference in making your trip great. The hotel's brand new architecture, very attractive setting and professional, friendly staff offer you highest class hospitality. Quiet and restive environment in bedroom area with private bathroom, balcony and daybeds. Great scenery as the setting of the hotel overviews a large chain of mountains.

Sabean Hotel, Axum

Sabean International Hotel is proud to bring innovation to the historical city of Axum. We pride ourselves by our customer service standards whether guests come to attend an event, dine in the hotel's fine restaurants, or visit the city. Sabean International Hotel is strategically located only 8 kilometers from the airport. It is backed by team of qualified and experienced staff who provide efficient service to our esteemed guests. Our spacious rooms are set around tranquil, scenic views and provide excellent comfort. All guest rooms are tastefully furnished with a lavish bed, plush arm chair and coffee lounge table, and a private bathroom.

Sabana Beach Resort, Langano

At Sabana, all bungalows are situated on a cliff top, each having their own distinctive view over the expansive Lake Langano with the Arsi Mountains in the background. Custom designed to ensure a relaxing and home-like atmosphere, the bungalows are built with local materials and simple designs to blend comfort with originality. Surrounded by green grass, acacia and palm trees, local flowers and a sandy area, the atmosphere is set for true relaxation. The ventilated thatched roof design ensures an ideal room temperature at all times, while the large verandah is conveniently shaded during the afternoon, creating ideal conditions for our guests to spend a few tranquil moments in the cool afternoon breeze, whilst being seated on our comfortable chaises-lounges. Sabana has also just opened a Wellness Centre, which provides steam bath, sauna, massages and jacuzzi, as well as a small fitness area.

Paradise Lodge, Arba Minch

Paradise Lodge, situated 505 km south of Addis, has positioned itself as southern Ethiopia’s favorite destination for those interested in nature’s beauty. Paradise Lodge provides services and amenities specifically designed for guests which balance luxury and authentic local/traditional experiences. Paradise Lodge aims to provide sincere service with a focus on customer satisfaction, so that guests can create memories of a lifetime through enrichment and a broadening outlook.

Eco-Omo Safari Lodge, Jinka

Welcome to Eco-Omo Safari Lodge. This unique lodge is located in Jinka, in the heart of the Omo Valley, just outside the town and bordering the Neri River on the way to Mago National Park. The lodge is based on 4hct of green area, and has a coffee plantation, vegetable and herb garden and fruit trees like banana, mango, papaya, oranges, lemon, etc; all of which are used in the preparation of our restaurant menu. The lodge is eco friendly, and is based on a low impact concept, constructed using as much as possible natural materials while at the same time creating harmony with nature. The rooms are high quality tents placed on wooden platforms, which in turn are covered with a second roof made of grass.

Buska Lodge, Turmi

Situated in the heart of Southern Ethiopia in the Omo Valley, Buska Lodge is an unpretentious eco-lodge offering travelers the best accommodation and meal service in this region. Buska Lodge overlooks the plains of Buska Mountain and has been constructed to blend beautifully in to the natural surroundings. Buska Lodge offers the rare opportunity to learn about and experience the culture and traditions of the local Hamer community and a glimpse into the cultures of the Omo Valley. The Hamer are famous for their Evangadi dance and “Bull jumping” ceremony where a young man who wants to marry jumps over a line of bulls in order to show that he is worthy to the bride’s family. The Hamer share traditions and rituals with the surrounding tribal cultures like the Tsemay, Ari, Karo, and Bena.

Kuriftu Resort & Spa, Debre Zeit

A speck on the map of southeastern Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Kuriftu resort DZ is an escapist fantasy, with fabulous weather all year round, a breathtaking crater lake, and a classic paradise setting. With a beautiful landscape and achingly perfect panoramas, Kuriftu is an extraordinary resort where luxury reaches its pinnacle and service is simultaneously warm, genuine, and sensational. At Kuriftu you'll quickly embrace the exhilarating freedom of doing whatever you want, whenever you want, in an eco-friendly paradise from your most vivid dreams.