For those adventuring in the Argentine Patagonia, El Calafate is the starting point that exploration begins. Declared the national capital of the glaciers, El Calafate is closest town to the Natural Wonder Perito Moreno Glacier. With numerous tour agencies, chocolate shops, restaurants, and outdoor gear stores, this town has more than enough to keep one busy for quite some time. Take a break from the trails and camping, and spend a bit of time exploring this luxurious adventure town.

Photo Credit: Luca Galuzzi

Memorable Meals

Patagonia is known for its local lamb raised 100% organically in one of the cleanest environments in the world. Casimiro Bigua is a modern gourmet restaurant with a blend of Patagonia and International food. By far one of the most popular and best restaurants in El Calafate, they have perfected the lamb and many other dishes to make this an exquisite dining experience in Patagonia. With modern music playing and the establishment boasting a contemporary designed interior, you will enjoy a piece of elegance amongst the rugged Patagonia wilderness.

When looking for a more authentic Patagonian meal, Estancia Nibepo Aike is an experience, and far more than simply dinner. Spend the day on this traditional ranch and learn about local history, watch a sheep shearing, and ride horses along glacier lakes. Dinner is served family style along a large table looking out to glaciers and sharp mountain peaks. Lamb continues to emerge from the kitchen until you cannot possible eat another bite of the many different cuts of the freshly grilled delicacy.

4x4 Off-Roading Adventures

Climb aboard a classic land rover or one of the huge lifted trucks of Mil Outdoor Adventure to charge up the rough terrain adjacent to El Calafate and see the Patagonian Mountains from a whole new angle. Rolling up the desert like landscape is some of the clearest views looking past glaciers and lakes to see mountain peaks as far away as Chile.

Glacier Cruises

El Calafate became such a large tourist destination because of the enormous nearby glaciers and the ease at which you can see them. While most just take a bus to the view point and see the glaciers from land, we recommend a far more luxurious and exclusive way. Cruising through Lago Argentina, MarPatag is a luxury yacht that passes by cliffs and navigates around icebergs to bring you up close to the Spegazzini and Upsala glaciers. While serving a gourmet meal of countless courses, you will see the glaciers from exclusive views while enjoying meticulous service and fine wine on this seven-hour boat ride.