Your Complete Guide to a Bros-Only Trip in Sandy Springs

Nestled just north of Atlanta in the heart of Georgia is a city with a whole lot of space. 900 acres of green space, if we...


Spend Fall Chasing Wildlife and Colors in Grand Teton National Park

No matter what time of year you visit, you’re sure to be blown away by the beauty and purity of Grand Teton National Park....



Adventures in Columbus, Ohio

We recently sent our friends Jenna and Micah from Wander The Map to Columbus, Ohio on the condition that they would share ...

Scuba Diving

Go Warm-Water Scuba Diving...in the Heart of Utah

Utah is well-known for its abundance of outdoor pursuits. A stunning backdrop to the Salt Lake Valley, the craggy peaks of...


From Sandboarding to Dune Buggies: 11 Dubai Activities for the Adventure Lover

Blessed with year round sunshine and miles of beautiful coast, Dubai is much more than urban sprawl and a shoppers’ paradise. Adventure lovers and thrill seekers alike will appreciate the cooler months from October to March when it’s possible to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities on the sand and sea. From mountain biking the otherworldly Ras Al Khaimah and flyboarding in the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Gulf to sandboarding down the desert dunes, Dubai has plenty of activities to...

Nova Scotia

Canada's Best Road Trip: Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail

Located on the Northern part of Nova Scotia just a four-hour drive from the capital of Halifax is Cape Breton Island, home...


A Real Live Oasis in the Heart of the Peruvian Desert

It's pretty common to think you're seeing a mirage at some point when you travel in South America. Teeming with tremendous...

Weird & Wacky

This Underwater Soviet Prison Has Become Estonia's Most Intriguing Beach Destination

After decades of communist rule, the Soviet Union's satellite states were left in an unstable state of repair. Many of tho...

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